Chapter by Eva Paterson on Litigating Implicit Bias in New Book, ‘America’s Growing Inequality’

America's Growing Inequality: The Impact of Poverty and RaceA new book, “America’s Growing Inequality: The Impact of Poverty and Race,” includes a chapter by Eva Paterson on Litigating Implicit Bias.

The article outlines the urgent need for our courts to depart from an archaic disposition towards racism, which requires plaintiffs alleging discrimination to prove the intent to discriminate – not just that discrimination actually occurred. The intent standard ignores the fact that racial bias in modern society is often not overt.

“America’s Growing Inequality” was edited by Chester W. Hartman, director of research at Poverty & Race Research Action Council, and features a foreword by U.S. Congressman Luis Gutiérrez.

The book, published by Lexington Books, is a compilation of the best and still-most-relevant articles published in Poverty & Race, the bimonthly of The Poverty & Race Research Action Council from 2006 to the present. Authors are some of the leading figures in a range of activities around these themes. It is the fourth such book PRRAC has published over the years, each with a high-visibility foreword writer: Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Bill Bradley, Julian Bond in previous books, Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Chicago for this book.

The chapters are organized into four sections: Race & Poverty: The Structural Underpinnings; Deconstructing Poverty and Racial Inequities; Re(emerging) Issues; Civil Rights History.

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