Resources to Fight Bigotry Against Muslims

The horrific attacks on Paris generated disturbing reactions from pundits and politicians.

The mayor of Roanoake, Virginia, announced his opposition to accepting refugees citing the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Commentators reminded us of another shameful episode in our nation’s history during the Holocaust when we turned away Jews fleeing death and persecution in Nazi Germany.

EJS has worked diligently to illuminate the bias both implicit and explicit around race and ethnicity. We asked our implicit bias brain trust to share resources about implicit bias, misuse of stereotypes, racial anxiety, and other mind science concepts and their applicability to the present political moment.

Below is present a collection of links and documents we received. We hope that it’s helpful in our collective fight against the hate and attacks against Muslims.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our request, including:

  • Celinda Lake
  • Rachel Godsil
  • Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Victoria Plaut
  • Eric Ward
  • Anand Subramanian
  • Faith Chung
  • Rachelle Galloway-Popotas
  • Kyle Kate Dudley

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A Sociocultural Analysis of U.S. Immigration Law and Psychology
Victoria C. Plaut, Alem Tecle and Mayra Feddersen
Immigration Policies, Challenges and Impact

Lives Fit for Print: Media Coverage of Terror Attacks in Western vs. Non-Western Countries
Sean Darling-Hammond collected data on each of the 257 reported incidents of terrorism this year–where the incident occurred, how many people died in each incident, and how much coverage each incident received (via the google news aggregator). The results were shocking.

Under surveillance and overwrought: Muslim-American’s emotional and behavioral responses to government profiling
O’Connor, A. & Jahan, F.
Journal of Muslim Mental Health
* We are awaiting a copy of this and will post a link here when we receive the file.

The turban effect: The influence of Muslim headgear and induced affect on aggressive responses in the shooter bias paradigm
Christian Unkelbach, Joseph P. Forgas, Thomas F. Denson
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Under Suspicion, Under Attack: Xenophobic Political Rhetoric and Hate Violence against South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Middle Eastern, and Arab Communities in the United States
South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)

In the Face of Xenophobia: Lessons to Address Bullying of South Asian American Youth
South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)

Two Violent Attacks on South Asian & Muslim Americans Reveal the Deadly Consequences of Implicit Bias

To Be Muslim Or “Muslim-Looking” In America: A Comparative Exploration Of Racial And Religious Prejudice In The 21st Century
Sheryll Cashin
Duke Forum For Law & Social Change

Anti-Arab Bigotry & Islamophobia
Arab American Institute

Perception Institute study of implicit and explicit attitudes toward Muslim Americans
* Study is not yet released
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Talking to America about American Muslims – A Message Manual
America Healing /

(Re)Presenting American Muslims: Broadening the Conversation
Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Exploring the effect of in-group and out-group race-related stressors on anxiety among Asian Pacific Islander American students
Sabine Elizabeth French, Nellie Tran, Noé Rubén Chávez
Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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