Chris Bridges in New Article on Unconscious Bias Featured on ESPN’s The Undefeated

Chris Bridges of the Equal Justice Society and Program Manager of the National Implicit Bias Network was quoted extensively in a new article by Jesse Washington on ESPN’s The Undefeated reporting on a new poll revealing that unconscious racial bias has been a major barrier in the lives of Black people and posing as much or more of a problem than structural racism and individual discrimination.

Resources to Fight Bigotry Against Muslims

The horrific attacks on Paris generated disturbing reactions from pundits and politicians. The mayor of Roanoake, Virginia, announced his opposition to accepting refugees citing the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Commentators reminded us of another shameful episode in our nation’s history during the Holocaust when we turned away Jews fleeing death andContinue reading “Resources to Fight Bigotry Against Muslims”

‘Litigating Implicit Bias’ Article by Eva Paterson in Latest Issue of Poverty & Race

“Litigating Implicit Bias,” an article by EJS President Eva Paterson, appears in the latest issue of Poverty & Race, a bi-monthly newsletter by the Poverty & Race Research Action Council. PRRAC is an organization that connects advocates with social scientists working on race and poverty issues and promotes a research-based advocacy strategy on structural inequalityContinue reading “‘Litigating Implicit Bias’ Article by Eva Paterson in Latest Issue of Poverty & Race”