EJS Receives Grants from The California Endowment and Maja Kristin Fund

EJS President Eva Paterson describes the links between disproportionate school discipline and implicit bias in her remarks at a July 26, 2017, press conference announcing a landmark settlement with the Kern High School District on behalf of Black and Latino students.

The Equal Justice Society recently received a $25,000 grant from The California Endowment and a $25,000 grant from the Maja Kristin Fund.

The California Endowment awarded EJS the grant to support our ongoing work addressing the school-to-prison pipeline, with a specific focus on reforming school discipline to improve the social and emotional health of youth. EJS will work with experts and other partners to develop methods to reduce the use of harsh discipline and increase the adoption of positive, trauma-responsive practices throughout California.

Our special thanks to TCE Program Office Bonnie Midura and TCE board member Kate Kendell for their assistance with this grant.

Maja Kristin awarded EJS a core support grant through her Maja Kristin Fund for general operating purposes. We’re thrilled to be the beneficiary of Maja’s philanthropy and appreciate her support of our ongoing efforts.

“We’re humbled by the additional support from The California Endowment and the Maja Kristin Fund,” said EJS President Eva Paterson. “We feel that funders are validating our efforts to combat the school-to-prison pipeline through a deeper understanding of implicit bias and other mind science phenomena.”

Earlier this month, EJS received $50,000 from The San Francisco Foundation to advance the dismantling of the school-to-prison pipeline and improve student social and emotional health by addressing implicit bias and structural racism in Bay Area public schools.

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