This Week in White Supremacy

EJS is starting a new feature detailing actions and policies that further the cause of white supremacy. We are doing this as part of our fight against white supremacy.  The first step in that is to call it out when we see it.

At the suggestion of my friends Susan Baronoff and Virg Dzurinko, the  items listed will be concise and in a form that you can send to “persuadable” friends by deleting the title This Week in White Supremacy.  I am certain many of you reading this will see your own examples. Please send them to Hopefully there will be weeks when all is well and harmony rules the planet. In that case, we will not send out anything. Here goes:

  1. The repeal of DACA accompanied by an untrue statement that the children who were the subject of the humane DACA program are criminals and/or taking jobs from US citizens.
  2. It was made public that the Trump administration rescinded the 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order that required businesses with government contracts to report on pay discrepancies based on race or gender thus depriving the public of vital information re: economic injustice.  Trump by this act excused these businesses from obeying 14 labor and civil rights laws.
  3. The only experience litigating civil rights cases possessed by Eric Dreiband, the Trump administration’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, was defending large corporations against discrimination cases brought by aggrieved employees. He also opposed the Lily Ledbetter Act.
  4. A federal appeals court allowed Texas to enforce its voter ID law despite the fact that three courts have found the law to constitute intentional race base discrimination.
  5. Pulitzer Prize Winner Peggy Noonan in her defense of Confederate statues misstated history by stating that Lee and Jackson died on the battlefield. She is also under the impression that both sides reconciled after the Civil War and that we are all one.
  6. All the witnesses at Kris Kobach’s “election integrity commission” were white men.
  7. In his 60 Minutes interview with Charlie Rose, Steve Bannon denounced the opposition of the Catholic bishops to the repeal of DACA by stating, “They need the illegal aliens to fill the churches. It’s obvious on its face.”

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