This Week in White Supremacy: Week 4


Between the EJS 17th annual Gala, Puerto Rico, DACA betrayal, and kneeling football players, it has been hard to keep track of the madness. Here goes.

1.    Immigration raids in sweep of sanctuary cities.
2.    Racial slurs are painted on the walls of buildings in the Air Force Academy.
3.    Flint, Michigan – State officials indicted for manslaughter.
4.    Vulture capitalists circle Puerto Rico.
5.    Trump adds the wall to DACA restoration proposal.
6.    Kids surround a Black teenage girl and sing the Star Spangled Banner replacing the last stanza with the words “..and the home of the slave.” Read more on kids quoting Trump to bully classmates.
7.    NFL players threatened by “owners” if they take a knee.
8.    Muse, Pennsylvania volunteer fire chief calls Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin a “no good nigger” for instructing his team to stay in the tunnel while the national anthem was being played.
9.    FEMA deleted webpage telling us that 95% of Puerto Rico is without power.
10. The Department of Justice turns away from voter protection, LGBT rights, and criminal justice reform says, former Attorney General Eric Holder.
11.  Jemele Hill suspended from her job at ESPN while ESPN brings back Hank Williams, a man who compared Obama to Hitler.
12.    “You’re going straight to hell @realDonaldTrump
No long lines for you
Someone will say ‘Right this way’
They’ll clear a path”  – Lin Manuel Miranda
13.  Two kids are fighting – one white, one Black. Police officer slams one of the children to the ground.  Guess which one, from the Advancement Project
14.  Dove has ad showing Black woman being turned into a white woman, sparking consumer backlash.
15.  The treatment and continuing mistreatment of the people of Puerto Rico.

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Bring a little light:
1.    Provide relief and financial support to the victims of the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting.
2.    Text “ACT” to Everytown for Gun Safety at 64433 to help stop gun violence in your community.
3.    Tell Congress to reject the NRA.
4.    Dare to be an activist for a cause you’re passionate about.
5.    Donate to help Puerto Rico.
6.    If you live in San Francisco, attend a Hurricane Maria disaster relief fundraiser at El Rio on October 7th.
7.    If you live in Orlando, help package meals that will be shipped to Puerto Rico.
8.    Call your member of Congress to tell them to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
9.    Tweet at NFL corporate sponsors and ask them to support players who are choosing to take the knee.
10.  Help distribute dignity kits to displaced women and girls from the Caribbean.
11.  Donate to help Mexico.
12.  Text or call your representatives to stay engaged (or to thank them).
13.  Help get more women elected.
14.  If you are a pro-choice Democratic woman thinking about running for elected office, attend this training on October 14th.
15.  Defend those who can’t defend themselves.
16.  Join a vigil on October 9th to uplift the voices of those most impacted by the Muslim ban.
17.  Engage someone who seems disinterested…
18.  and encourage her/him to discover her/his fire in the belly.
19.  Sponsor a young woman to attend the Women’s Convention in Detroit.
20.  Tell Members of Congress to reject a budget that cuts Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education while giving massive tax breaks to the rich.
21.  Shop pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
22.  Organize your own event to raise money for Bay Area Cancer Connections.
23.  Participate in a phone bank.
24.  Smile at everyone you meet.
25.  Honor Mental Illness Awareness Week and fight stigma by sharing your story.
26.  Interpret coldness in others as sadness…
27.  and attempt to bring those people a little warmth.
28.  Donate blood.
29.  Become a bone marrow donor.
30.  In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, become a Futures Without Violence ambassador and help prevent violence before it starts.
31.  Keep Bill O’Reilly off the air.
32.  Support the San Francisco Bay Area refugee community and grab a coffee at 1951 Coffee.
33.  Employ a refugee.
34.  Understand someone who’s misunderstood.
35.  Volunteer at the Human Rights Campaign’s Gala Dinner on October 14th.
36.  Become a climate optimist.
37.  Support the push towards a clean energy future.
38.  Think about the future generations and what the world will be like for them because of how you treat the planet now.
39.  Adopt a rescued animal.
40.  Join the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy for a Bee Pinning Party on October 14th to help entomologists study Marin County’s bee composition.
41.  Treasure your loved ones.
42.  Sort fresh produce, packaging bulk foods, and assemble grocery boxes for the SF-Marin Food Bank.
43.  Donate diapers and baby formula to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.
44.  Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.
45.  Prepare outreach supplies, make cards, and organize clothing for homeless youth at At The Crossroads.
46.  Pass on possessions you’ve outgrown that are useful to others.
47.  Become a Wednesday Weeder and help maintain The Edible Schoolyard’s organic garden.
48.  Dine out at participating restaurants on October 18th to help raise money for Mission Graduates – a nonprofit that increases the number of students who are prepared for and complete a college education.
49.  Join Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Bay Area.
50.  Ask U.S. Senators to vote ‘YES’ on the Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Kamala Harris, to decrease mass incarceration rates through bail reform.
51.  RSVP to attend the Indigenous Peoples Day PowWow on October 14th in Berkeley.
52.  Fight for voting rights.
53.  Support responsible journalism by subscribing to your favorite newspaper.
54.  Forgive the seemingly unforgivable.
55.  Knit a square for the Immigrant Yarn Project.
56.  Serve as an usher at a San Francisco Civic Music Association concert.
57.  Use your art to “reopen the heart of America.”
58.  Share the healing power of music.
59.  Forward this email to anyone who might need it.

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