This Week in White Supremacy: Week 5

  1. John Kelly asserts that the Civil War could have been avoided if people had been willing to “compromise.” He defends Robert E. Lee on the basis of states’ rights.
  2. Border Patrol Detained A 10-Year-Old Undocumented Girl With Cerebral Palsy After Her Surgery.
  3. Nurses returning from Puerto Rico accuse the federal government of leaving people to die.
  4. Black children treated as though they are criminals: Four-Year-Old Missouri Girl Duct Taped to Chair at Day Care
  5. Kris Kobach head of commission seen as tool for voter suppression falsely claims that immigrants commit a disproportionate share of crimes.  Kris Kobach Breitbart column cites Peter Gemma, man affiliated with Holocaust denial. 
  6. Over the weekend, a student at Dickson College dressed up in black face and impersonated Colin Kaepernick while another student held a fake gun to fake Cap’s head.
  7. LA radio station personality calls Representative Frederica Watson, the friend of Sargeant La David Johnson, a whore.
  8. FoxNews attacks judge in Manafort case. She is African-American.
  9. In reporting on a massive report on racism, the media only reports on the views of white people.
  10. The quiet crisis among African Americans: pregnancy and childbirth are killing women at inexplicable rates.
  11. Judge removes fatal shooting of Black man from Ex-Tulsa officer’s record.
  12. Research finds evidence of racial bias in plea deals.
  13. Anti-semitism rears its ugly head in middle school.
  14. White supremacists gather in Tennessee. 
  15. Applicants for the Customs and Border Protection agency keep admitting to ghastly crimes during polygraph tests.
  16. Donald Trump, Myeshia Johnson, and Frederica Wilson: His attacks on black women make them targets for abuse.
  17. Father In Fear After Classmate Tells Daughter ‘We Should Have Hung All U N****rs While We Had The Chance’ On Snapchat.
  18. FEMA Officials Say It’s Not Their Job to Distribute Food and Water to Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico.
  19. In 38 seconds Steve Prattor, Sheriff of Caddo Parish in Louisiana, tells you why he REALLY likes keeping “good” Black men in jail.

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