This Week in White Supremacy (and Misogyny): Week 8

The first item on this list was so appalling that I had to add it.

  1. Trump gleefully predicts death of two women on Supreme Court.
  2. Trump nominee Brett Talley appears to have defended the first KKK.
  3. Facebook (still) letting housing advertisers exclude users by race.
  4. Trump nominates mostly white men to federal bench.
  5. White man in blackface arrested after trying to rob a bank.
  6. Large parts of Puerto Rico are still without power and clean drinking water. (On the other hand, Lin Manuel Miranda will be performing in Hamilton there.)
  7. Private prisons lock up thousands of Americans with almost no oversight.
  8. Tough-talking sheriffs raise their voices in Trump era.
  9. Voter suppression continues.
  10. Trump administration ends temporary protection for Haitians.
  11. The tale of two Targets, a Baltimore segregation story.
  12. Black men sentenced to more time for committing the exact same crime as a white person.
  13. Deputy Sheriff under fire for blackface Frederica Wilson Halloween costume.
  14. Jerry Jones apologizes for racially insensitive remark captured in video.
  15. 150 men exonerated in Chicago when police misconduct exposed.

good news


  • Australians have voted YES for marriage equality! 61.6% of Australians that responded to a country-wide survey, regarding the measure, voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage.
  • California became the first state to approve LGBTQ-inclusive history books for K-8 classrooms.
  • The Pentagon has approved a gender-reassignment surgery for an active duty-service member.
  • tRUMP’s rumored (anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ) nominee for Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues has withdrawn her name from consideration.
  • The U.S. House of Representatives will be implementing a mandatory sexual harassment and anti-discrimination training program for all members and staffers.
  • Sean Hannity has lost 11 corporate sponsors since defending pedophile Roy Moore on his Fox News show.
  • A new poll conducted by Fox News shows former President Barack Obama with a higher favorability rating in Alabama than tRUMP.
  • Fox News’ Shepard Smith angered viewers by publicly debunking the Hillary Clinton Uranium One conspiracy theory.
  • Hillary Clinton’s response to news that the tRUMP administration is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate her alleged ties to the Uranium One deal is spot-on — “I’m not concerned, because I know that there is no basis to it. I regret if they do it because it will be such a disastrous step to politicizing the justice system…and such an abuse of power.
  • Simon & Schuster‏ is offering book clubs a chance to win 8 signed copies of What Happened AND a call from Hillary!
  • Modeled after American Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Mattel releases its first hijab-wearing Barbie!
  • Emily’s List has endorsed Eleni Kounalakis for California lieutenant governor!
  • Activists installed “Comfort Woman” statues on seats of South Korean city buses to help tell the stories of these incredibly courageous women.
  • Jen Chaney from New York Magazine on how today’s TV shows are portraying a girl’s first period — “All of these shows convey, to varying degrees, that getting your period just plain sucks. But at a particularly significant moment, they’re also saying that the anger and frustration brought on by that first blood may give women a specific type of inner fire men can never know. In other words, being a woman is indeed a gift from Mother Gaia, but not just because it means you can create life. It’s also a gift because it makes you a life force.
  • Oakland-based artist and educator Nina Wright created a graffiti camp to train young female artists.
  • Russian journalist and Putin critic Masha Gessen won the National Book Award for her book The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia.
  • CreativeSoul Photo studio in Atlanta is capturing striking portraits of black girls to highlight the beauty of natural hair.
  • First-time candidate Kelly Convirs-Fowler won her race for Virginia’s House of Delegates 21st District. She defeated a four-term Republican and became the first Filipino American woman elected to the Virginia General Assembly.
  • Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman, 26, flipped an Oklahoma district Senate seat in Tuesday’s special election and became the first openly LGBTQ individual elected to an office in Tulsa County.
  • On Tuesday, Democratic New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller won his race to become Albuquerque, New Mexico’s next mayor.
  • Senators John Cornyn (R) and Chris Murphy (D) have introduced a bipartisan bill that would help ensure that federal agencies submit records of convicted criminals, domestic abusers and other people prohibited from possessing guns into the National Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
  • The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence is suing the tRUMP administration for failure to provide documents that could show the NRA’s influence over tRUMP’s gun policies.
  • Country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill share their support for common sense gun policies.
  • “California may use 50 percent renewable electricity by 2020, a decade ahead of schedule.”
  • Sean Hannity fans inadvertently became eco-warriors by destroying Keurig machines whose instant K-cups are “utterly horrifying for the planet.
  • GQ magazine names Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year.”
  • Iranian weightlifter Kianoush Rostami, 26, is auctioning off his Olympic gold medal to raise money for victims of the Iran-Iraq earthquake.
  • According to Cards Against Humanity, the game company has purchased a plot of land on the U.S.-Mexico border in an effort to block tRUMP’s border wall.
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver may be done for the season, but the show is bringing back the Catheter Cowboy to sneak (very important) info to tRUMP through Fox & Friends ads.
  • Twitter stripped it’s verified badge (aka the blue check mark) from accounts of several white supremacist users.
  • 7×7 released their annual Hot 20 list — the cast of innovators include; Susie Tompkins Buell, former Executive Director of Emerge California Kimberly Ellis, and 15-year-old artist-activist Kyle Trefny.

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