This Week in White Supremacy: Week 11

  1. Trump’s pick to run 2020 Census has defended racial gerrymandering and voter suppression laws.
  2. GOP lawmakers surprised to learn no black soldiers served under Confederacy in South Carolina.
  3. Men charged with murdering black man because he ‘socialized with a white woman.’
  4. How the news media distorts black families.
  5. The past year of research has made it very clear: Trump won because of racial resentment.
  6. ‘Squinty eyes’ remark about Ed Lee draws rebukes.
  7. Allegations of racial bias and illegal campaign activity at a conservative nonprofit that seeks to transform college campuses.
  8. ACLU investigation reveals Texas troopers are turning traffic stops of immigrants into deportations.
  9. New study shows Oakland cops are more racist when tired or stressed.
  10. Alabama’s effort to suppress Black vote couldn’t prevent huge turnout.
  11. A teen is charged with killing his girlfriend’s parents. They had worried he was a neo-Nazi.
  12. Black folks in New Jersey being denied the vote.
  13. Why the economic bondage in Alabama’s Black Belt needs your attention.
  14. Trump Justice Department pushes for citizenship question on Census.
  15. Hall Of Fame candidate Curt Schilling in hot water over praise for Breitbart radio show with white supremacist.
  16. Minority students disciplined at higher rate.
  17. Black civil rights leaders call out Trump’s judicial nominee, says he’s a ‘product of the modern white supremacist machine.’
  18. Trump administration considers separating families to combat illegal immigration.
  19. Officers who handcuffed 11-year-old girl at gunpoint won’t be disciplined.
  20. The never-ending erasure of women of color in media.
  21. How Puerto Rico power outage affects citizens after Hurricane Maria.
  22. White House intern appeared to use white power sign in photo with Trump.

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