This Week in White Supremacy: Week 17

These are difficult times. Our government has run amuck.  It is clear that Trump, et al., are beholden to the Russians and have no compunctions about avoiding the imposition of sanctions. In addition, the Trump appointed heads of the various intelligence agencies in our government testified that Trump has taken NO ACTIONS to protect the integrity of the 2018 elections.  Despite the daily and sometimes hourly reports of authoritarian, cruel, and bigoted policies emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue supported by about 35% of our fellow Americans, it is still scary sometimes to stand up and call the President a white supremacist racist liar which he most certainly is and to take appropriate action.

Earlier this week, I received this link to an article about people standing up in similar times-people who took courageous actions to oppose government insanity and lawlessness.  Reading the article stiffened my spine.  Onward.


  1. “Chain Migration.”
  2. ‘Pillar of the community’ deported from US after 39 years to a land he barely knows.
  3. A white man said two black males were suspects in a violent robbery. Then police watched the video.
  4. Tweet by Reuters Top News.
  5. Ohio teens chant slurs at black and Asian players.
  6. California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue ‘anti-racist’ activists.
  7. Tweet by Ohm Youngmisuk.
  8. The Central Park Five ad told us who Donald Trump really is.
  9. Trump concocted a story about a border agent’s death. The truth won’t catch up.
  10. Ida B. Wells, police violence, and the legacy of lynching.
  11. White Evangelicals, this is why people are through with you.
  12. U.S. attorney general opposes plan to reform prison sentencing.
  13. ICE and sexual assault.
  14. Trump wants to slash food stamps and replace them with a ‘Blue Apron-type program.’
  15. Applebee’s fires 3, apologizes after racial profiling allegation.
  16. Donald Trump’s ICE is tearing families apart.
  17. Sessions invokes ‘Anglo-American heritage’ of sheriff’s office.
  18. Fox News pulls executive’s column on U.S. Olympic team diversity.
  19. Bryan Stevenson on what well-meaning white people need to know about race.
  20. What is Atomwaffen? A neo-Nazi group, linked to multiple murders.
  21. Trump takes ‘shackles’ off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe.


From Amy Siskind:

People are writing to ask me what they should do, and I don’t feel it’s my place to be prescriptive. What I would say is FFS register to vote, put November 6 on your calendar now, and get yourself and everyone you know to the polls that day. Expect Russia in between to use tactics to drive you away from voting, but don’t be fooled – IF Trump is still in office, this check on him and his authoritarian takeover of our country is imperative!

In the meantime, stay informed. Take a break if you must, but follow the news and be aware of what is happening around us so quickly now. Our democracy and values are fading at an alarming rate. Find things to do – look into your heart for what drives you and your passions and get involved in some way. Being active and involved is empowering.

It is as bad as we thought it could be, and worse. There is no use in sugar coating things. We must all be woke, stand together and #resist.


  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spent eight hours on the House floor reading letters from Dreamers. Washington Post
  • On Tuesday, Democrats flipped their 35th seat (since Trump became president) with 27-year-old Mike Revis winning a special election in Missouri. HuffPost
  • The Supreme Court has ruled against Republican requests to delay the redrawing of Pennsylvania’s congressional map. The Hill
  • “The San Francisco Police Department will be the first in the nation to voluntarily agree to state oversight after the U.S. government ended an Obama-era program aimed at easing tensions amid fatal police shootings of black men across the country.” U.S. News
  • Elaine Luria, Amy McGrath, and Mikie Sherrill have two things in common: they are all U.S. Naval Academy graduates and all three are hoping to become the first female Annapolis graduates to win seats in Congress. New York Times
  • In 2005, Trump kissed her without consent. Now, Rachel Crooks is running for the Ohio State Legislature. Cosmopolitan
  • California is blocking the administration’s effort to expand drilling in U.S. federal waters by denying pipeline permits for transporting oil from new leases off the Pacific Coast. New York Times
  • Over 400 scientists are running for local and federal office in 2018. Grist
  • 13 U.S. universities have joined together under the University Climate Change Coalition to fight climate change. Grist
  • Following their Super Bowl win, several Philadelphia Eagles players have announced that they will skip a visit to the White House. CNN
  • Jimmy Fallon channeled Bob Dylan to send a message of support for #MeToo and peaceful protests. The Atlantic
  • An 11-year-old “resister” created an Instagram page to post his anti-Trump cartoons. Salon
  • Samhita Mukhopadhyay, former executive editor of and coeditor of Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance and Revolution in Trump’s America, has been named Teen Vogue’s new executive editor. WWD
  • In honor of NASA’s first black female engineer, Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Salt Lake City will now be called Mary Jackson Elementary School. The Hill
  • Researchers may have discovered a potential cure for cancer — a Stanford University study found that injecting immune-stimulating agents into solid tumors in mice can eliminate traces of cancer. SFGate
  • A group of fifth-graders started a book club at their school in Northwest Washington — and it’s become the most popular club on campus. Washington Post
  • 1-year-old Lucas Warren has been named Gerber’s newest “spokesbaby” — Lucas became the first child with Down syndrome to win the title. People
  • Please listen to this inspiring and moving song honoring immigrants and celebrating diversity — “Everyone Comes from Somewhere” by Don Arbor.

To read more from Susie Tompkins Buell’s The Risingclick here.

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