Want to Help Save Our Fragile Democracy? Join a National Call on Thursday, March 22.

The Equal Justice Society is part of this coalition.

We’d like to invite your organization to join a call Thursday March 22nd at 1:30pm EST to hear an update on ongoing work to defend our democracy and the efforts to get to the truth about the Trump campaign’s potential illegal activity during the 2016 campaign and administration.

– Expand the broad coalition working to protect the independent investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign, transition, and administration’s connectivity to Russia, their information warfare in our election, and the associated national security risks.

– Share out existing plans for reactive response if Trump triggers an acute constitutional crisis by obstructing the investigation (again), Trump Is Not Above the Law, which has over 230,000 RSVPs to over 800 events nationwide.

– Introduce proactive plans in place to keep rapid response actions from being necessary and support efforts to improve election security.

– Discuss needs of organizations and the broader community.

Click here to RSVP for the call

Lisa Gilbert, Public Citizen
David Sievers, MoveOn
Elizabeth Beavers, Indivisible
Rio Tazewell, PFAW

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