This Week in White Supremacy: Week 24

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  1. What the Supreme Court doesn’t get about racism. New York Times
  2. A Sacramento hospital parted ways with a nurse after she wrote on Facebook that Stephon Clark — an unarmed black man who was shot dead by police — “deserved it.” @yourrightscamp
  3. White House: Stephon Clark shooting probe best left ‘to local authorities’. The Hill
  4. Tweet by survivor of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. @Han_inthemirror
  5. America’s long history of exploiting migrant workers. The Atlantic
  6. Long-lost film that predicted rise of anti-Semitism has ominous message for today’s world. Washington Post
  7. Black Metal band defends ‘Nazi salute’. Twitter
  8. ICE paves way to detain more pregnant immigrants. CNN
  9. Blacks largely left out of high-paying jobs. AP
  10. Immigrants who accept almost any form of welfare or public benefit, even popular tax deductions, could be denied legal U.S. residency under a proposal awaiting approval by the Trump administration. Washington Post
  11. Woman arrested for stealing a salad now facing deportation. KIRO
  12. Tweet by Vanita Gupta. @vanitaguptaCR
  13. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies about Census citizenship question. ThinkProgress
  14. Tennessee wants to use funding meant for poor families to kick people off Medicaid. CommonDreams
  15. A sanctuary church is all that is saving a Colorado woman from deportation to Mexico. Washington Post
  16. A Texas woman was sentenced to five years by a judge for illegally voting in 2016. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  17. Black Marjory Stoneman Douglas students said they felt overlooked and underrepresented by both the media and their peers leading the charge for more gun control. Miami Herald
  18. Most Poles accept Jews as fellow citizens and neighbors, but a minority do not. Pew Research Center
  19. If Census asks about citizenship, some already have an answer: No comment. New York Times
  20. The first African American mayor of Pelahatchie, Miss., and Board of Aldermen in a power struggle. USA Today
  21. Conservative writer Kevin Williamson once said that women should be executed for having abortions and likened a Black child to a primate. The Atlantic just hired him. Slate
  22. The myth of the criminal immigrant. The Marshall Project
  23. Tweet by Kaivan Shroff. @KaivanShroff
  24. The sliming of David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez: How a campaign to discredit the Parkland survivors went from the right-wing fringe to the conservative mainstream. GQ
  25. Who’s to blame for a generation of angry white men? Dame Magazine
  26. The head of federal immigration enforcement in Northern California apologized for posting an image on social media that Muslim American groups say is offensive because it dehumanizes Muslim women. San Francisco Chronicle
  27. The bitter lie behind the Census’s citizenship question. Washington Post
  28. Tweet by Amir Whitaker. @DrKnuckyEsq
  29. The cop who killed Alton Sterling called him a “stupid mother**ker” after shooting him six times at point-blank range. Daily Beast
  30. Congressman allegedly used position to get partner’s son out of heroin bust. Fox News
  31. Tennessee has fined residents nearly $100,000, just for braiding hair. Forbes
  32. Tweet by Jamil Smith RE: Stephon Clark shooting. @JamilSmith
  33. Reconstruction: A Slate Academy. Slate


A Seattle elementary school sung the national anthem and two students took a knee while performing

DACA policy: Dreamers can pursue lawsuit against Trump’s ‘Bad Hombres’ bias

Hawaii committee calls for Obama statue in his birth state

Deported veteran leader Hector Barajas is ‘coming home’

20 Full Rides to Top Colleges: A Texas Student’s Perfect Sweep

African Moors were responsible for bringing Europe out of the dark ages


  • Millions of people across the United States and around the world marched in “March for Our Lives” protests (800+) against gun violence. New York Times
  • Watch children explain the #MarchForOurLives in their own words. Axios
  • March for Our Lives rallies were held in all 50 states, including “red states” like Texas and Alabama. ThinkProgress
  • MLK’s 9-year-old granddaughter Yolanda Renee King bravely spoke at the DC March For Our Lives — “I have a dream that enough is enough. And that this should be a gun-free world, period.” TIME
  • Inspired by the Selma to Montgomery March, Wisconsin students marched 50 miles (from Madison to Janesville) to call out House Speaker Paul Ryan for consistently blocking common sense gun policies. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • HeadCount, a nonpartisan organization that promotes participation in democracy, registered more than 4,800 new voters at March for Our Lives events. CNN
  • Bipartisan senators drafted a bill designed to shield Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by trump. Politico

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