This Week in White Supremacy: Week 26

To be black in America is to never be able to have your presence be benign, and to always be in danger, of unease, humiliation or even arrest (or death by arrest) because of it. That’s what racism is, in a nutshell. Joy Reid

  1. Why a statue of the ‘Father of Gynecology’ had to come down: J. Marion Sims’s advances in medical science were made through experimentation on enslaved women. The Atlantic
  2. A video has surfaced showing officers beating up an unarmed, naked, black Harvard student who appeared to be in distress. The Root
  3. South Asian actors are fighting Hollywood’s racism. VICE
  4. The head of the parent company of Cambridge Analytica knew Trump’s demonization of Muslims was comparable to Hitler’s demonization of the Jews. @Hadas_Gold
  5. Blackface falls under ‘free speech,’ university president says in wake of racial fraternity scandal. DiversityInc
  6. From Starbucks to Hashtags: we need to talk about why white Americans call the police on Black people. The Root
  7. VIDEO: Trevor Noah shares his thoughts about two Black men getting arrested for doing nothing at Starbucks. Comedy Central
  8. Orange County city votes again to opt out of California’s sanctuary state law. Fox News
  9. For at least a year, the biggest page on Facebook purporting to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement was a scam with ties to a middle-aged white man in Australia. CNN
  10. Tweet by Rebecca Vallas. @rebeccavallas
  11. David Harewood: I’ll fight for the Windrush generation – their treatment has been shameful. The Guardian
  12. Charlize Theron has considered leaving the U.S. for the safety of her Black children. Hollywood Reporter
  13. White woman hurled racist and homophobic slurs at two Black soldiers — and then physically attacked them for recording video of her outburst. Raw Story
  14. Why The Simpsons’ response to the Apu controversy was so heartbreaking. Entertainment Weekly
  15. Election officials and Democrats in Wisconsin have repeatedly argued that the state’s strict voter ID law allowed Donald Trump to win the state in 2016 by keeping thousands of voters—predominantly in Democratic-leaning areas—from the polls. Now a top Republican official in the state is saying the same thing. Mother Jones
  16. Afghan San Francisco police officer says some colleagues called him a terrorist. KTVU
  17. Neo-Nazi ‘Tyrone’ exposed as a U.S. marine. Al Jazeera
  18. Claims of unjust arrests by ICE agents and cops often disappear into an overwhelmed immigration court system. ProPublica
  19. The Trump administration is seeking to completely revamp the country’s social safety net, targeting recipients of Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance. The Hill
  20. Colleges recruit at richer, whiter high schools. New York Times
  21. Secret use of census info helped send Japanese Americans to internment camps in WWII. Washington Post
  22. Maternal mortality and the devaluation of Black motherhood. Center for American Progress
  23. A retired Chief of Police likens police shootings to modern-day lynchings. @Amy_Siskind
  24. Suspected white supremacist died building ISIS-style bombs. Daily Beast
  25. Video footage shows that officers waited almost five minutes after firing their weapons to approach Stephon Clark to deliver medical aid out of apparent concern that he was armed and playing dead as he lay motionless in his grandmother’s backyard. Los Angeles Times
  26. The anti-KKK law that could bring down a notorious voter-suppression group. Slate
  27. The mysterious deaths of Ferguson activists. @IamGMJohnson
  28. Black teen who missed bus to school gets shot at while trying to ask for directions. The Root
  29. Tweet by Wendell Pierce. @WendellPierce


Washington, D.C., may let 16-year-olds vote for president.

Trump pick Gorsuch casts deciding Supreme Court vote against deporting immigrant.

Marine Corps selects 1st black woman to be a general officer.

Eric Kelley and Ralph Lee walk out of prison after 24-year fight for freedom.


  • House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Wednesday that he will not seek re-election — that makes 39 GOP members not running for re-election this year. NPR
  • 309 women have filed to run for U.S. House seats this year. HuffPost
  •  Maryland became the 12th state to enact automatic voter registration. Mother Jones
  • The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that employers can’t pay women less than men just because they made less at a previous job. NPR
  • Congratulations, Senator Tammy Duckworth! This week she became the first senator to give birth while in office. Axios
  • The Broward County School Board, which includes Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, voted against arming teachers. CBS Miami
  • In response to her tweet against Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, 26 companies have vowed to stop advertising on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. The Wrap
  • Last week, Anchorage voters rejected an anti-transgender “bathroom bill.” NPR
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg administered the oath of citizenship to 201 new citizens. New York Times

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