White Supremacy on Steroids

This has been another trying week for those who hunger for racial justice. The NFL “owners” (we thought the days of people being owned were over) punished Black men and their allies from expressing their horror at police murders of Black men and bowed to the white supremacist racist President. A major TV and cultural icon compared a Black woman to an ape.

Then today I read this horrifying example of the fact that many white people do not really any value in the lives of Black people.

Jury Leaves $4 to Family of Man Killed by Sheriff’s Deputy, Along With Many Questions

Because jurors also found that Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr. was 99 percent liable for the shooting, the award was reduced to four cents. A judge is expected to reduce it to nothing.

On days like this, I hang my head in my hands and wonder “Will this ever change?”  I was just talking with my colleague Chris Bridges and we realized that our ancestors had to endure much worse conditions.  I also have resigned myself to the knowledge that we are in a state of war right now for the SOUL of our country.  As the daughter of a military officer, I am familiar with what it means to be a soldier.  I am going to stop wondering when we will get a break.  We will get a break when the forces of oppression exemplified by POTUS are vanquished or subdued.

~ Eva

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