This Week in White Supremacy: Week 33

  1. Indigenous women have been disappearing for generations. Politicians are finally starting to notice. The Intercept
  2. Trump vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. New York Times
  3. Tweet by Mike Colter RE: taking a knee and police brutality. @realmikecolter
  4. A recently leaked image shows dozens of immigrants in orange jumpsuits, their hands and feet shackled, undergoing a “mass trial” in Texas. Houston Chronicle
  5. 2,300 Puerto Rican families displaced by Hurricane Maria are about to lose their FEMA housing assistance. NBC News
  6. Tweet by Charles M. Blow RE: Roseanne Barr. @CharlesMBlow
  7. A new report on traffic stops in Missouri is drawing attention for an eye-popping statistic: Black drivers in the state are 85 percent more likely than whites to be stopped by police. But, it isn’t the only state with a “driving while black” problem. Vox
  8. Serena Williams, body shaming and the white gaze. PAPER Magazine
  9. Tweet by Senator Jeff Merkley RE: secret detention centers for undocumented children. @SenJeffMerkley
  10. ‘You don’t look like a legislator’: Security stops Black, female lawmaker going to work. Cincinnati Enquirer
  11. Trump quiet on Puerto Rico death toll from Maria at hurricane-preparedness briefing. Yahoo News
  12. African American children are taking their lives at roughly twice the rate of their white counterparts, according to a new study that shows a widening gap between the two groups. Washington Post
  13. Tweet by Joan Walsh. @joanwalsh
  14. S. House candidate from South Dakota calls for ending Indian reservations. AP News
  15. Tweet by John Harwood RE: Trump’s pardon of Dinesh D’Souza. @JohnJHarwood


Dem wins primary in bid to become first Native American congresswoman

No longer ‘voiceless,’ Louisiana felons regain the right to vote

Black women changed Jim Crow South, now changing Alabama politics

Tweet by David Hogg

good news

From Susie Tompkins Buell:

The Rising

  • The Illinois House voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Chicago Tribune
  • The California Senate passed a bill to reinstate net neutrality rules. The Hill
  • Getty Images has added a new subcategory featuring people with disabilities in everyday settings. Fast Company
  • Ireland voted to repeal its ban on abortion. HuffPost
  • An undocumented refugee from Mali has been granted French citizenship after saving a child from a balcony in Paris. BBC

Read the full list and more from The Rising, here.

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