This Week in White Supremacy: Week 43

  1. Election officials are alarmed as Trump administration subpoenas voter data from 44 North Carolina counties. Mother Jones
  2. Cincinnati police officer tases 11-year old suspected of shoplifting tells her ‘This is why there aren’t any grocery stores in the Black community’. ABC News
  3. The Trump administration officially has a plan to detain families who enter the US without legal status for as long as it deems necessary — with no limit on how long children may be held with their parents. Vox
  4. Inside the desperate search for 343 parents deported without their kids. HuffPost
  5. Bank of America freezing accounts of customers suspected of not being US citizens. Sacramento Bee
  6. Homeland Security staffer with white nationalist ties attended White House policy meetings. Washington Post
  7. Racist robocalls tied to neo-Nazi group target Andrew Gillum. Tallahassee Democrat
  8. Holding history hostage: one family’s quiet attempt to erase their father’s part in Emmett Till’s story. The Root
  9. “After charging 21 y/o Raheem Howard w/ the 1st degree attempted murder of a police officer, the DA now admits that they: found no gun, found no bullet, and have no footage because the cop turned off his body camera & dash cam. “@shaunking
  10. New research article on racial attitudes examines how whites’ stereotypes of Black Americans shape their attitudes about the death penalty, violent crime, and other punitive measures. SAGE Journals
  11. When slavery is erased from plantations. The Atlantic
  12. El Salvador says three migrant children separated from their families were sexually abused at U.S. shelters. LA Times
  13. GOP official resigns after calling Black NFL players ‘baboons’. HuffPost
  14. “In case folks think these are just words, my friends and I did some research a while back on the consequences of ape-metaphors applied to Black people. They are literally deadly.” @DrPhilGoff
  15. Texas says it won’t fund education for migrant children in shelters. Texas Tribune
  16. Voting precincts closed across Georgia since election oversight lifted. Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  17. A Black restaurant owner says he tried assisting a white patron in distress. Police arrested him. New York Times
  18. 16 prisoners died in one month in Mississippi. Their families want to know why. NBC News
  19. Women’s student debt crisis in the United States. AAUW
  20. Donald Trump’s former ICE chief to be honored at notorious anti-Muslim convention. The Intercept
  21. Meet the table busser who’s worked at the same Wilmette pancake house for 54 years. Chicago Tribune
  22. “50 YEARS AGO, Dr. King visited New Jersey to build support for the Poor People’s Campaign. 50 YEARS LATER, the median net worth for NJ’s white families is $271,402—the HIGHEST IN THE NATION. It is just $5,900 & $7,020 for NJ’s Black & Latino families.” @RyanPHaygood
  23. Thousands of Vietnamese, including offspring of U.S. troops, could be deported under tough Trump policy. Washington Post


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