This Week in White Supremacy: Week 45


Pioneering US ballet dancer Arthur Mitchell dies at 84

In an interview earlier this year Mitchell, who lived in Manhattan, spoke of the early hostile reactions he had received from audiences before his talent ultimately won them over, leading to regular standing ovations. “I danced myself into their hearts…”

  1. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the U.S. is proposing to lower the refugee cap for 2019 to 30,000—a sharp decrease from the 45,000 ceiling set for 2018. Daily Beast
  2. ‘They were laughing at us’: immigrants tell of cruelty, illness and filth in US detention. The Guardian
  3. More than 2,000 Puerto Ricans applied for funeral assistance after hurricane Maria. FEMA approved just 75. BuzzFeed
  4. Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum. Dallas News
  5. VIDEO: FEMA Chief notes many of the deaths post-Hurricane Maria may have been because of spousal abuse the President is not responsible for. @joshtpm
  6. Coast Guard member flashes white power hand signal on TV. NBC News
  7. This is what it means to be Black in America. @JasonMitch
  8. Hours after Gov. Philip D. Murphy called for legalizing marijuana in his inaugural address in January, the sheriff of the most populous county in New Jersey reportedly disparaged the proposal in racist terms, saying “in other words, let the blacks come in.” New York Times
  9. The State Department’s silence on racism is deafening. CNN
  10. The Black-hating, neo-Confederate Republican called “Roy Moore Lite” seeking to become the next Senator from the State of Mississippi visited MSNBC and in just under 2 minutes, managed to defend the Confederate flag, explain how rap music turns Black people into murderers and told African Americans why they should be tired of begging from white people. The Root
  11. VIDEO: Trump supporter is “Going to finish what Hitler started and kill everyone” @BigGrinFilms
  12. ‘You’re illegals crossing the border’: Driver caught on camera making racist comments. WCVB
  13. The Bay Area’s soaring housing costs are pushing poor people into neighborhoods where poverty and racial segregation are on the rise. San Francisco Chronicle
  14. Principal alleges racism at football game over ‘We Love White’ and ‘Build the Wall’ signs. KCRA
  15. Deaf, disabled Detroit immigrant in US for 34 years faces deportation. Detroit Free Press
  16. Portland State University cops won’t be charged in killing of Navy vet. The Oregonian
  17. Former police chief in Florida pleads guilty to framing men in racially tinged cases. Miami Herald
  18. “I Was a Firefighter for 35 Years. Racism Today Is as Bad as Ever.” New York Times
  19. Australia: Politicians attack nine-year-old for not standing during anthem. CNN
  20. A new report details the endemic bias women and minority lawyers continue to face compared to their white male counterparts. ABA Journal



Black-ish’s Jenifer Lewis wore Nike on the Emmys red carpet to support Colin Kaepernick

U.S. space center heads into new frontier with female boss

Planned Parenthood’s Next President: An Immigrant Doctor of Color Who Grew Up on Medicaid

Betsy DeVos loses student loan lawsuit brought by 19 states

The unprecedented number of women running for governor in 2018

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