This Week in White Supremacy: Week 47

  1. Trump anti-discrimination official faces rebellion at agency over racially tinged blog posts. Washington Post
  2. ‘Kill them all’: Racist graffiti found at Sacramento City College prompts safety concerns. Sacramento Bee
  3. High school students disciplined for taking racist, anti-gay pictures with each other. New York Post
  4. After a white North Charleston officer was fired for hitting a handcuffed Black man, a search of his car revealed a police-issued flashlight emblazoned with a racist Nazi symbol and the words “The Wig Splitter.” Post and Courier
  5. Trump administration halts visas for unmarried same-sex partners of foreign diplomats. ABC News
  6. An environmental justice group claims Alabama health officials are discriminating against residents of a poor, mostly Black county by failing to address sanitation problems that led to an outbreak of a parasite most common in underdeveloped countries. US News & World Report
  7. Judge’s ruling may force Kansas Army officer’s adopted Korean daughter to leave US. Stars and Stripes
  8. Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, tells people to ‘think of your son’. CNN
  9. Inspectors find nooses in cells at immigration detention facility. New York Times
  10. Members of California white supremacist group arrested in connection with deadly Charlottesville rally. Los Angeles Times
  11. The University of Georgia is conducting an investigation into allegations of “racially derogatory comments” reportedly made towards freshman quarterback Justin Fields. CBS Sports
  12. Trump’s family separation policy was flawed from the start, watchdog review says. Washington Post
  13. New York mom accidentally sent racist text to Black nanny, then fired her. Essence
  14. A 12-year-old in Georgia received several racist text messages from another student. CBS46
  15. Bill Kristol on Twitter: “This is the head of the American Conservative Union, whose spouse is a senior staffer in the Trump White House, making what surely seems to be a straight-up appeal to bigotry.” @BillKristol


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