This Week in White Supremacy: Week 49


  1. Supreme Court enables mass disenfranchisement of North Dakota’s Native Americans. ACLU
  2. Dozens of black senior citizens ordered off bus taking them to vote. The Hill
  3. For one weekend, a violent misogynistic and homophobic street gang of proto-fascists ran amok on the East Coast and West Coast, seeking out and then assaulting protesters in Portland, Oregon, and New York City. HuffPost
  4. A viral video showing a police officer arresting a young Black boy at the Cumberland Mall has drawn outrage. Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  5. Twitter thread: Sears’ catalogue and the fight against white supremacy. @louishyman
  6. New research has found that young children and youth of color in the U.S. face significant racial stereotyping from adults who work with them. Harvard University School of Public Health
  7. Kanye West, Donald Trump, and the truth about Chicago. The New Yorker
  8. “A man told me the KKK is so comfortable in Indiana that they wear full regalia on the street and no one says anything. I thought ‘Wow, that’s terrible.’ But the NYPD just escorted a white supremacist gang into NYC, let them assault people and then arrested anti-racist protesters.” @alwaystheself
  9. Contestants accuse Mrs. America pageant president of racist remarks. CNN
  10. Reno area candidate’s sign defaced with racist markings. Reno Gazette Journal
  11. Lindsey Graham makes casually racist comment saying it would be ‘terrible’ to have Iranian heritage. The Independent
  12. Migrant children in search of justice: a 2-year-old’s day in immigration court. New York Times
  13. Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions is sending five federal prosecutors to Chicago to focus on gun crimes as his department filed a brief Friday opposing a proposed police department consent decree as expensive unneeded “micromanagement.” Chicago Sun Times
  14. A 36-year-old unarmed Black man with a history of mental illness died last week after a struggle with San Mateo County deputies, and now his family wants answers. NBC Bay Area
  15. Anti-Semitic and racist KKK fliers dropped in New Jersey community. Cleveland Jewish News
  16. A white St. Louis woman was fired from her job after she tried to prevent a Black man from entering the luxury apartment building where he lives. CBS News
  17. Michigan governor’s race tests Flint’s jaded residents. New York Times
  18. Minnesota GOP Senate contender compared Michelle Obama to a ‘chimp’ on Facebook. HuffPost
  19. ‘OK to be white’: Australian government senators condemn ‘anti-white racism’. The Guardian
  20. Dead Man Walking, Revisited: A Prophetic Argument Against Capital Punishment. “In the past twenty-five years, it has become increasingly apparent that, while much of the country has evolved beyond the death penalty, the states that remain most committed to it are those that once practiced slavery.” The New Yorker


Ryan Coogler Signs On to Write and Direct ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

Runner becomes first pro athlete with cerebral palsy to sign with Nike

Christine Blasey Ford nominated for UNC Distinguished Alumna Award

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle expecting a baby in the spring

Barbra Streisand’s New Album Aims Its Message of Political Protest Right at Trump

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