This Week in White Supremacy: Week 50

  1. Trump embraces ‘nationalist’ title at Texas rally. CNN
  2. ‘Transgender’ could be defined out of existence under Trump administration. New York Times
  3. White supremacist group targets Florida’s Andrew Gillum in new racist robocall. Washington Post
  4. Republicans saw immigration as a winning midterm rallying cry, and the Central American caravan hitting cable TV created an opening for the president. Politico
  5. Trump admits he has ‘no proof’ of ‘Middle Easterners’ in caravan, ‘but there could very well be’. ABC News
  6. A white woman accosted a family speaking Spanish at a Virginia restaurant, demanding they show their passports and shouting vulgarities. The Guardian
  7. The Trump administration is considering whether to grant a South Carolina request that would effectively allow faith-based foster care agencies in the state the ability to deny Jewish parents from fostering children in its network. The Intercept
  8. Megyn Kelly apologizes for asking “what is racist” about blackface. Vogue
  9. Supreme Court blocks deposition of Commerce chief Ross over census question. CNN
  10. Steve King (R-Iowa) visited Austria in August and gave an extensive interview to a far-right publication there in which he spelled out, in clearer and more shocking terms than he ever has before, his white nationalist worldview. HuffPost
  11. No ‘foreign’ names for children, Dear Abby advised. Furious parents replied. New York Times
  12. Gardening while Black: 3 white women accuse black man of stalking, being a pedophile. Essence
  13. Some white Northerners want to redefine a flag rooted in racism as a symbol of patriotism. Washington Post
  14. Mimi Wong on Twitter. @whoismims
  15. Access to the ballot box in November will be more difficult for some people in Dodge City, where Hispanics now make up 60 percent of its population. Wichita Eagle
  16. Doctors aren’t taking Black women seriously: Mom dies after being forced to wait seven hours to be operated on for post-childbirth complications. Blavity
  17. Police identify man filmed in racist rant on Ryanair flight. CNN
  18. Officers fired for lying about teenager left paralyzed and brain damaged in nightclub incident. Sky News
  19. Bomb discovered near home of George Soros — who’s been targeted by anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Raw Story
  20. Heather Cox Richardson on Twitter. @HC_Richardson
  21. How the gutting of the Voting Rights Act led to hundreds of closed polls. Vice
  22. Trump’s next ambassador to South Africa happens to be a Mar-a-Lago member. ThinkProgress
  23. Church congregation in Iowa applauds a man after he gives a pro-Trump speech and ends it by saying “for Trump, heil” while giving the Nazi salute. @Kokomothegreat
  24. Pro-Trump group tells Blacks to support GOP because ‘white Democrats will be lynching black folk’. Washington Post


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