This Week in White Supremacy: Week 53

  1. Man yells ‘Heil Hitler!’ during a performance of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. CNN
  2. Georgia legislator, arrested at work, says she was ‘singled out as a Black female senator’. HuffPost
  3. People of color and low-income residents most vulnerable to wildfire impacts. KQED
  4. White women saunter around in hoodies to prove Tennessee mall’s policy targets Black people. Raw Story
  5. Donald Trump left out Hindus when tweeting about a mainly Hindu holiday. Vox
  6. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker once said Jews, Muslims and atheists should not be federal judges. Newsweek
  7. Tweet by Shaun King. @shaunking
  8. President Trump’s verbal assaults against Black reporters, candidates and lawmakers have renewed criticism that the president employs insults rooted in racist tropes aimed at making his African American targets appear unintelligent, untrustworthy and unqualified. Washington Post
  9. “Went to a Bat Mitzvah today, which was lovely. But as it was starting, the rabbi took time — in a very measured voice — to point out all the exits, including the emergency exits, so people would know how to leave the synagogue if necessary. That’s new.” @ddiamond
  10. Tweet by Ava DuVernay on the chemical company poisoning Black people in Louisiana. @ava
  11. Police fatally shoot Black security guard who detained shooting suspect. NPR
  12. Hate crimes increased by 17% in 2017. CNN
  13. Sherrilyn Ifill: When Trump attacks one Black woman, we all feel it. Washington Post
  14. “On his way out the door, Sessions issued guidelines to limit scope, duration & effectiveness of consent decrees which are used in all types of civil rights cases, including those addressing police abuse & misconduct. Sessions was true to form until bitter end.” @LeslieProll
  15. VIDEO: women haranguing a Black man standing on a bench holding a Gillum shirt. @ARAEveryDay
  16. Man arrested for “terroristic” death threats against CNN’s Don Lemon. CBS News
  17. Fueled by Trump tweets and unfounded claims of voter fraud, dozens of protesters gathered outside the Broward County elections headquarters in a rowdy scene that led staff to call police for protection. Tampa Bay Times
  18. Tweet by Sherrilyn Ifill. @Sifill_LDF
  19. Deployed inside the United States: the military waits for the migrant caravan. New York Times
  20. Because of their military service, Black veterans were seen as a particular threat to Jim Crow and racial subordination. Thousands of black veterans were assaulted, threatened, abused, or lynched following military service. @thecrisismag
  21. The Wisconsin high schoolers’ Hitler salute and the problem of “ironic” Nazism. Vox
  22. A senator refuses to apologize for joking about ‘public hanging’ in a state known for lynchings. Washington Post
  23. Leslie Proll on Twitter. @LeslieProll
  24. Woman beaten in subway station by man yelling racially charged words. NBC New York
  25. Take Action Chapel Hill on Twitter. @takeactionch
  26. Activists take aim at anti-LGBTQ ‘hate group,’ Alliance Defending Freedom. NBC News
  27. “The president, whose father faced hearings for abusing federal housing loan programs, believes without evidence that Puerto Rico is misusing disaster relief to pay down debt.” @maggieNYT
  28. Two women of color won state supreme court races — and sadly, that’s progress. Brennan Center for Justice
  29. Nazis and white supremacists are stalking and harassing activists in Asheville, NC. Asheville Solidarity


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