This Week in White Supremacy: Week 56

  1. Minneapolis police decorate Christmas tree with racial stereotypes in majority-Black neighborhood. Washington Post
  2. Video of New Hampshire students singing KKK-themed jingle sparks district investigation. NBC News
  3. An undocumented immigrant who has worked at Trump’s New Jersey golf course for five years has come forward. New York Times
  4. A timeline of instances of extremism in the Trump administration in November. Southern Poverty Law Center
  5. After losing women in midterms — Republicans will let Violence Against Women Act expire as their final act of Congress. Raw Story
  6. GOP Rep. Chris Stewart defends Trump on Khashoggi: ‘journalists disappear’ all the time. The Daily Beast
  7. Why does Andrew Zimmern get to create the next P.F. Chang’s? The chef and TV host wades into questions of appropriation with his new Chinese restaurant chain. Eater
  8. Standing up against racist, fascist, Nazi, swastikas in South L.A. CounterPunch
  9. Unrest continues this week on the campus of North Carolina’s flagship university after university leaders proposed a new, $5 million building to display the Confederate monument known as Silent Sam. The monument stood at the entrance to UNC campus until protesters tore it down in August. NPR
  10. “Read this thread. Then visit @MarissaEsque’s page. Allow yourself to feel for a moment the trauma of quotidian racial violence and harassment and the complex mix of emotions that flow from it. Then commit to protecting one another and to believing Black women.” @JNelsonLDF
  11. The man on trial for killing Heather Heyer at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year shared two images on Instagram that showed a car hitting protesters months before he did exactly that. CNN
  12. The ‘good guy with the gun’ is never Black. Rolling Stone
  13. George H.W. Bush’s “Willie Horton” ad will always be the reference point for dog-whistle racism. Vox
  14. Confusion clouds restoration of Florida felons’ voting rights. Tamps Bay Times
  15. A Republican state lawmaker in Arizona was recorded saying African-Americans “don’t blend in” and calling non-native English speaking students a “burden on taxpayers.” The Hill
  16. Menial tasks, slurs and swastikas: many Black workers at Tesla say they faced racism. New York Times
  17. Utah man allegedly shouted ‘I hate Mexicans’ before attacking Latino father and son. HuffPost
  18. Take a number: Migrants, blocked at the border, wait their turn to apply for asylum. Yahoo News
  19. “Fear mongering about foreigners bringing in disease is literally what Nazis did.’’ @gaywonk
  20. “Schools are segregated because white people want them that way.” Vox
  21. Facebook users freely post about killing immigrants, minorities, and public figures in spite of the company’s terms of service that clearly prohibit threats of violence and hate speech. The Daily Beast
  22. First-ever UN report on disability and development illustrates inclusion gaps. UN News


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