This Week in White Supremacy: Week 63

  1. White cop mocks Black woman left to walk home in cold after being pulled over in racist Snapchat posts. Blavity
  2. “Wouldn’t it be nice if getting out of jail was as easy for young Black men as it is for Roger Stone?” @ACLU
  3. Portland police sergeant to cops: ‘if you come across a Black person, just shoot them’. The Root
  4. ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett hospitalized after homophobic, racist attack. ET
  5. ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike. SF Gate
  6. “49% of Black children in Mississippi live in poverty and as a nation we are arguing about 5.7 billion dollars for another white supremacist monument. 5.7 billion dollars could ensure the healthy choices and 2nd chances our children deserve. They are American too. Love them.” @KieseLaymon
  7. The federal government’s response to hurricanes Harvey and Irma on the mainland was faster and more “generous” — in terms of resources and funds — than its assistance to Puerto Rico before and in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, according to a newly released study. CBS News
  8. By law, vandalism at Hindu temple in Louisville might not be a hate crime. WDRB
  9. “In an Ohio prison, 4 Black men were shackled to a table by the guards & then all 4 were stabbed by a white guy who just so happened to not be cuffed & had 2 knives on him. One of the men who got stabbed says the guards set them up.” @AshAgony
  10. Ex-White House aide quoting Stephen Miller in his new book: “I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil.” NBC News
  11. “When is the House of Representatives holding public hearings on the threat of white supremacist terrorism in the US?” @samswey
  12. How Racism Has Shaped the American Farming Landscape: U.S. agriculture today appears to be just as segregated as it was a century ago, with farmers of color at a significant disadvantage. Eater
  13. “This morning, ICE agents got on my Greyhound bus that was headed from Spokane to Portland. They walked around before they asked me and few others to step outside and took my documents and interrogated me for around 20 mins then claimed my papers were fake and that I’m ‘illegal’.” @MohanadElshieky
  14. Grad program director steps down after warning students not to speak Chinese. The Chronicle
  15. How a California officer protected neo-Nazis and targeted their victims. The Guardian
  16. “A 21 year old white male walked into a bank today and shot and killed 5 people. How many immigrants stormed the border today and walked into a bank and killed someone? Not one. When are we going to finally address the real crisis in America?” @lisastark351
  17. NBC’s Tom Brokaw under fire for commentary about Hispanics. CBS News
  18. “When a Muslim commits a bad act, all 1.8 Billion Muslims are assigned the burden of responsibility. When a white male commits a bad act, 1 man is assigned the burden of responsibility.” @KhaledBeydoun


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