This Week in White Supremacy (71): Facebook To Start Removing Content Promoting White Nationalism

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  1. Young US Citizen Detained at Border Gave ‘Inconsistent Info,’ CBP Says
  2. Tomthunkit on Twitter: “Immigrant children kept in U.S. detention centers could be emotionally and physically damaged for life, according to this psychiatrist”
  3. Charlottesville police charge teen in racist school threat – The Washington Post
  4. Bridget Cambria on Twitter: “ICE just told a 10 year old girl appearing at a supervision appointment with her father, that ICE plans to deport her father and give her to a new family. She is unconsolable. ICE instructed dad to bring all of her documents so they can give her away. What would you do?”
  5. Jax Persists on Twitter: “So my son works at a higher end restaurant here, and he just had a white couple asked to be moved because they didn’t want to sit next to another couple. When my son asked why, they said and I quote “because they’re *N*s. He text me like mom, I’m about to go to jail. He’s LIVID.”
  6. Big Boss on Twitter: “Cop said “I don’t know why I shot him” after killing unarmed teen, witness testifies. But we know why. It’s because he’s black. Stop killing unarmed black people, and put the gun down until you know why. Anton Rose II was 17-years-old.”
  7. Leaked Chats Show Alt-Right Views in ASU Republican Group | Phoenix New Times
  8. Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes – The Washington Post
  9. Long Beach Antifa on Twitter: “SANTA ANA ANAHEIM ORANGE COUNTY Please contact The Karman Bar in Laguna Nigel at 949-582-5909 to let them know they are hosting a National Socialist (Nazi) Black Metal band on March 28.”
  10. Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: “Austin Shuffield, a white supremacist from Dallas, TX, pulled a gun on a Black woman over a parking spot. Hurling racial epithets, he knocked her phone away & beat her mercilessly. She’s been hospitalized with cranial swelling and a concussion. These bigots are out of control.…”
  11. Be A King on Twitter: “White privilege and racism aren’t illusions or evils of the past. To my white neighbors: If Jane Elliott said the following to you, would you stand? “If you, as a White person, would like to be treated the way Black people are in this society, stand.””
  12. Slate on Twitter: “A conservative judge defended Mississippi’s racial gerrymander in a starkly partisan, conspiratorial polemic.”
  13. Heather Long on Twitter: “NEW: More than 1 million Puerto Ricans just had their food stamp benefits cut, a devastating blow as the island tries to rebound from Hurricane Maria. –Parents go hungry so their kids can eat –HIV Clinics can’t afford supplies”
  14. Violent Transnationalism: White Supremacy is America’s newest global export | The Milwaukee Independent


  • Facebook To Start Removing Content Promoting White Nationalism And Separatism – NPR
  • Alicia Garza on Women Fighting for Change in 2020
  • Eleanor on Twitter: “New Zealand television journalists and anchors are wearing headscarves for their live broadcasts and using Arabic greetings. Some Muslim leaders say it is now “impossible” to tell who is Muslim and who is not – the community at Hagley Park looks as one. Many in white for peace”
  • EXCERPT: Kenrya Rankin and Akiba Solomon Tackle White Supremacy in New Book | Colorlines
  • Stand Up To Racism campaigners in Norwich holding public meeting | Latest Norfolk and Suffolk News – Eastern Daily Press
  • Black Workers Break Through Corporate Silence –

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