This Week in White Supremacy #74 | ‘Racism isn’t just a feeling; it’s force embedded into the structures & institutions of America’

“Racism isn’t just a feeling; it’s force embedded into the structures & institutions of America.” ~ W. Kamau Bell

  1. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “”In this age of #MassIncarceration, prisons and jails across America are vicious places, but Alabama’s brutality is exceptional. Hitching posts, chain gangs, botched executions, our tough on crime state has a long legacy of piling terror and deprivation.”
  2. Keith Boykin on Twitter: “New video shows Chicago police officers dragging a 16-year-old black girl down a flight of stairs, punching her, kicking her and tasing her at Marshall High School, all because she wouldn’t put her cell phone away in class.”
  3. W. Kamau Bell on Twitter: “1 of the episodes of #UnitedShades this season is in Milwaukee, & it’s based on the hashtag #LivingWhileBlack. It’s about how racism isn’t just a feeling; it’s force embedded into the structures & institutions of America. & it’s upheld by people in power everyday. Like this…”
  4. Judith Browne Dianis on Twitter: “Another police assault of a Black kid. Cops don’t belong in schools they don’t know how to behave. #PoliceFreeSchools”
  5. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “65 years ago, Eisenhower’s DOJ argued against segregation in Brown v. Board case before Supreme Court. This week, nominee for DOJ’s No. 2 position refused to say Brown v. Board was correctly decided. We are backsliding to an extraordinary degree.”
  6. Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: “Sheriff Kan Mascara of Ft Pierce, FL says the school resource deputy, who lifted an 11 yr old Black student in the air and body-slammed him on a sidewalk, did not use excessive force. Of course they are referencing alleged former behavior to justify obvious police brutality”
  7. @Satirony on Twitter: “I learned today that the reason my father goes by his middle name is that when my grandmother named him, a white nurse decided she liked another name better and chose to write my grandmother’s preferred name as his middle name instead of first name.”
  8. Chief Art Acevedo on Twitter: “Yep. The Nazi’s enforced their laws as well. You don’t separate children from their families! Ever! You’d have to kill me to take my child from me simply because I was trying to get them to a better place for a better tomorrow. I am glad to be on the right side of history.”
  9. The Hill on Twitter: “Trump won’t nominate anyone to UN committee on ending racism: report… ”
  10. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “@RepDavidTrone: Next month is 65th anniv. of Brown v. Board. In 2016, GAO found public schools more segregated than any time since ’60s. Do you believe racial segregation in public schools poses threat to educational opportunities for children of color? Devos refused to answer.”
  11. Pelosi contacts Capitol Hill security to ensure Omar’s safety after Trump tweet | TheHill
  12. Lei-Chala Wilson Esq on Twitter: “Vandal tosses SDSU Black Resource Center”
  13. Lisa Doyle on Twitter: “”Do you have a green card? Are you legit?” This racist white woman called cops on man just because he was speaking Spanish Twitter, let’s drag her racist ass!”
  14. Video shows black Columbia student pinned by campus police after failing to show his ID – The Washington Post
  15. Black legal aid lawyer says officer detained him after mistaking him for suspect in court
  16. A Federal Judge Compared Trump’s Criticism Of The Courts To The KKK And Segregationists
  17. White Man Gets 10 Years in Prison for Trying to Hire Hit Man to Lynch Black Neighbor – The New York Times


  • Brian Krassenstein on Twitter: “BREAKING: A Judge has blocked Trump’s plan to send thousands of Haitian refugees back to Haiti. The judge said that there was persuasive evidence that Trump’s policy was motivated by ‘‘a discriminatory purpose of removing non-white immigrants.” In other words Trump is racist”
  • Politico – Rebels with a cause: The little-known stories of how America’s first minority lawyers stood up to prejudice to fight for social justice — and won
  • Hope In The Struggle: Civil Rights Leader Josie Johnson Reflects On Lifetime Of Work – WCCO | CBS Minnesota
  • Hundreds celebrate inaugural Dolores Huerta Day in Fontana with civil rights icon – San Bernardino Sun
  • Plan for Civil Rights Division in Conn. AG’s Office Passes First Hurdle; Final Approval Expected | Connecticut Law Tribune
  • Bayard: A New Musical in Concert, About Gay Civil Rights Activist Bayard Rustin, Will Play Feinstein’s/54 Below | Playbill
  • Ruth Borenstein – Victory! No More Gun Shows at the Cow Palace – On April 16, the Cow Palace Board of Directors approved a policy to end gun shows at that state-owned venue, beginning on January 1, 2020. The board adopted the policy after a grassroots effort to persuade them that state agencies should not promote or profit from the proliferation of firearms and ammunition in our society.

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