This Week in White Supremacy #75 | Electoral College is ‘vestige’ of slavery, say some Constitutional scholars

“… while there are many grievances about the Electoral College, one that’s rarely addressed is one dug up by an academic of the Constitution: that it was created to protect slavery, planting the roots of a system that’s still oppressive today.” (PBS NewsHour Weekend)

  1. RAVI K. PERRY on Twitter: “Electoral College is ‘vestige’ of slavery, say some Constitutional scholars”
  2. The Central Park Five, Criminal Justice, and Donald Trump | The New Yorker
  3. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “The cops tied to the death of Freddie Gray did no jail time. But the men who set fire to a car in the wake of Gray’s death were sentenced to several YEARS in jail. We value property over the loss of Black life in this country. This is not acceptable.”
  4. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Yet @HUDgov just banned undocumented persons from public housing. “Push came from Stephen Miller, responsible for Trump’s hardline immigration policy. He led WH working group charged w/introducing new regs to strip benefits from undocumented immigrants.”
  5. Ava DuVernay on Twitter: “On this exact day 30 years ago, a woman was raped in Central Park. Five black + brown boys were framed for her rape. The story you know is the lie that police, prosecutors and Donald Trump told you. WHEN THEY SEE US is the story of the boys from their eyes and their hearts”
  6. Sam Levin on Twitter: “An armed pro-Trump militia in New Mexico appears to be detaining migrants at the border and working with Border Patrol agents to coordinate their arrests. ACLU says these are kidnappings by vigilantes”
  7. Feds Say South Florida Man John Kless Threatened to Kill Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Corey Booker, Eric Swalwell | Miami New Times
  8. Race Forward on Twitter: “TSA scanners flag Black travelers more than others because the machines can’t read certain hairstyles, like braids, locs or buns – resulting in disproportionately high patdowns – especially for Black women.”
  9. Tomthunkit on Twitter: “There are always calls for the Muslim community to condemn attacks linked to extremists of their faith. So why aren’t white people asked to condemn terror acts by white supremacists?”
  10. Angie Ange In The Morning on Twitter: “Recent reports have came out that Howard University Students feel disrespected by residents using the yard as a dog park but this resident thinks the campus should be moved”
  11. Jared Holt on Twitter: “In lead story on neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin writes about Tucker Carlson: “Once again, I feel like I’m watching a person on TV read my own thoughts back to me.””
  12. Amy on Twitter: “Trump Jr “didn’t know what he was doing was illegal” so not held accountable. Crystal Mason didn’t know voting while on probation was illegal, sentenced to 5 years in jail. This isn’t right. #HoldTrumpJrAccountable”
  13. StanceGrounded on Twitter: “Feds will seek 4 months jail time for Felicity Huffman for bribing her daughter into college Tanya McDowell got 12 yrs for sending her son to the wrong school district & Kelley Williams-Bolar got 3 years $30k fine for sending her daughter to the wrong school district. Retweet!”
  14. Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity — Quartz
  15. Cathy O’Neil: The era of blind faith in big data must end | TED Talk
  16. Mei-Ling Ho-Shing on Twitter: “OUR BLACK YOUTH ARE NOT SAFE” This occurred at J.P. Taravella High School today. How about this..#Neveragain do black students fear for their life by those who are suppose to be protecting us. #neveragain do black boys are introduced to the taste of blood and pavement”
  17. Karen McGrane on Twitter: “Hey here’s what I’m mad about this morning, it’s the erasure of black women’s contributions in our patriarchal capitalist hellscape. It happens everywhere—in the arts, in sciences, in comedy, in media. It happened with #metoo and #BlackGirlMagic”
  18. Yale shot Stephanie Washington – Yale News
  19. Video: Broward deputies body slam, pepper spray teens | Miami Herald
  20. Jason Wilson on Twitter: “Scoop from me: leaked chats show WA Republican legislator Matt Shea and associates discussing surveillance, “psyops” and violence directed at political opponents”
  21. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “People of color made up to 86% of marijuana arrests in New York in 2017. But estimates show that those who hold licenses in the booming cannabis industry are 99% white. As states legalize, they MUST address ongoing racial injustices. #420day #Happy420”
  22. Af-Am Studies on Twitter: “Yale students protest the shooting of unarmed car passenger Stephanie Washington by Hamden and Yale Police officers… ”
  23. emilia on Twitter: “I’d just like to point out that the Broward County police calmly arrested the person who killed 19 people at MSD. Today, they beat and pepper sprayed a black kid who picked up somebody’s cell phone. If you believe racism doesn’t exist in 2019, you’re wrong. #JusticeForLucca”
  24. A white driver faces hate crime charges after he allegedly tried to hit an interracial couple with his truck – CNN
  25. Moment cops open fire on unarmed black couple near Yale campus as they sat in car singing along to R&B singer Avant because police wrongly believed their vehicle had been involved in a robbery – Daily Mail
  26. 15-Year-Old Nigel Shelby Dies by Suicide After Anti-Gay Bullying
  27. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “BREAKING: CFPB dismantled critical #payday lending rules under Mick Mulvaney at the expense of low-income communities of color. We’re suing the White House Office of Mgmt & Budget for failing to disclose records tied to the roll back of rules protecting low-income loan borrowers”
  28. United Airlines Employee Charged With Using Racial Slurs Toward Customer – The New York Times
  29. Northwestern Univ. police investigating noose-shaped rope found on campus
  30. Lei-Chala Wilson Esq on Twitter: “Systemic Racism Explained – YouTube”
  31. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “Prosecutors plan to seek mere 10 month jail sentence for Felicity Huffman. Kalief Browder is held for 3 years at Rikers for being accused of stealing a backpack. The majority of the time was spent in solitary.”
  32. Josh Campbell on Twitter: “Cesar Sayoc, the suspect accused of sending pipe bombs to the news media and prominent Democrats wrote a letter to a federal judge saying attending a Trump Rally “became like a new found drug,” according to a federal court filing released today.”
  33. The Washington Post on Twitter: “Steve King, censured by his colleagues for racist remarks, compares himself to Jesus”
  34. The census case presents: How to preserve white power in four easy steps – The Washington Post
  35. Gifted and Talented Programs Separate Students by Race – The Atlantic
  36. Okayplayer on Twitter: “Jax’s ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ ending finds him undoing slavery, fans are calling it “racist.”
  37. African Americans don’t sleep as well as whites, an inequality stretching back to slavery – Los Angeles Times


  • Michigan city moves to criminalize calling 911 on people of color who are just living their lives
  • Dominique Apollon on Twitter: “It’s taken me 45 trips around the sun, but for the first time in my life I know what it feels like to have a “band-aid” in my own skin tone. You can barely even spot it in the first image. For real I’m holding back tears”
  • CAA on Twitter: “Asian American Studies at @Cal and CAA share the same birthday. 50 years ago, Ling-chi Wang paved the way for movement building in academia and in the community. (3/50) Be a part of that #MovementForward at Celebration of Justice 50!”
  • Ana Z. Licona on Twitter: “I AM GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL A hope my immigrant parents had when coming to this country. Now a reality! This lil Mexican-American girl is going to UC Berkeley to pursue her masters in public policy. Siempre pa’ delante y la lucha sigue! See you at Cal:) #nodreamistoobig”

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