This Week in White Supremacy #90: Uruguay warns its citizens of U.S. violence fueled by ‘racism and discrimination’


    1. Rep. Dean Phillips on Twitter: “Uruguay today issued a travel warning to its citizens visiting the United States of America, citing “growing violence” fueled by “racism and discrimination” that American “authorities are unable to prevent” due to “indiscriminate” gun ownership. Let that sink in for a minute.
    2. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “This is Jordan & Andre Anchondo. They just celebrated their 1 yr wedding anniversary and have 3 kids. They went to Walmart in #ElPaso for school supplies after dropping a daughter off at cheerleading practice. Jordan died shielding their 2 month-old baby boy. #ElPasoShooting” / Twitter
    3. Stephen Moran on Twitter: “Murderers and terrorists keep naming TRUMP as inspiration for their crimes. Trump is INCITING TERRORISM IN AMERICA. #WhiteNationalistTerrorism #TrumpTerrorist #TrumpsTerrorists #WhiteNationalist #DaytonShooting #elpasoshooter” / Twitter
    4. [thread] Tim Wise on Twitter: “1/ The fact that people buy The Charlottesville Lie BS — which claims Trump wasn’t talking about Nazis when he said there were good people on both sides — is evidence that the right is nothing but liars & apologists now…Unite the Right was ENTIRELY white nationalist…” / Twitter
    5. A Mexican-American Pediatrician Describes Treating El Paso’s Shooting Victims | The New Yorker
    6. Kimberle Crenshaw on Twitter: “Imagine what would happen if massively armed POC fueled by anti-white rhetoric of a Black president poised for re-election with foreign help & race hatred, killed scores of people & his party refused to denounce and opponents failed to impeach? People would be in the streets.” / Twitter
    7. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “.@NYTimes editorial: “We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem.” Yes, we do. And the president of the United States is largely responsible for it. It’s way past time to remove the white supremacy from the White House. #EnoughIsEnough” / Twitter
    8. I warned of right-wing violence in 2009. Republicans objected. I was right. – The Washington Post
    9. Justin Miller on Twitter: “El Paso is no longer only a mass shooting, it is the deadliest terrorist attack on Hispanics in American history.” / Twitter
    10. Pierre B on Twitter: “Remember when President Trump and his supporters laughed when someone in his crowd said we should start shooting migrants at the border…… #ThisIsAmerica” / Twitter
    11. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “This is Adolfo Cerros Hernández and Sara Esther Regalado. Both Mexican nationals, they died together at the #ElPasoShooting. Families from Mexico routinely drive across the bridge to the El Paso #Walmart which sees about 65K customers a week (compared to 14K average nationally)” / Twitter
    12. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “This is Arturo Benavides. Arturo Benavides was an honored U.S. Army Veteran and a well known bus driver for the #ElPaso Sun Metro. He and his wife went to Walmart for their weekly shopping trip. Arturo was killed at the checkout line – his wife was spared. #ElPasoShooting” / Twitter
    13. TheBeat w/Ari Melber on Twitter: “The number of hate groups in America has increased by 30% since 2014” / Twitter
    14. Residents respond to President Trump’s remarks on El Paso shooting – Los Angeles Times
    15. Phillip Atiba Goff on Twitter: “Brother @esglaude with a WORD. Radical truth telling about America is necessary if we want to avoid repeating our history. THIS. IS. US.” / Twitter
    16. Opinion | Trump, Tax Cuts and Terrorism – The New York Times
    17. Trump Ordered Nation’s Flags at Half-Mast Till 8/8. Former FBI Official Explains Why That’s So Chilling — WATCH – Towleroad Gay News
    18. Invasion of Scripted Violence – Political Research Associates
    19. Trump Administration Separates Some Migrant Mothers From Their Newborns Before Returning Them to Detention – Rewire.News
    20. [thread] Adrian Carrasquillo on Twitter: “I truly think the scale of how horrified the Latino community is right now is not being understood, which is why the reporting about this moment is so important. So a quick story. I was chatting w/ a friend I met through the course of my work and she told me she had been crying.” / Twitter
    21. U.S. State Department Official Involved in White Nationalist Movement, Hatewatch Determines | Southern Poverty Law Center
    22. Jim Sciutto on Twitter: “Don’t buy the pundits muddying the waters over the white nationalist threat. The FBI Director Chris Wray made clear in his testimony: “A majority of the domestic terrorism cases we’ve investigated are motivated by white supremacy.”” / Twitter
    23. Christiane Amanpour on Twitter: “.@RepKarenBass: “Every time a mass shooter is a white man… my Republican colleagues always want to talk about mental health. If this was a person of color, the person would be a terrorist even before there was an investigation. It would be an automatic thing.”
    24. @cjzero on Twitter: “Good look at Ed Reed’s shirt” / Twitter
    25. How a Historian Uncovered Ronald Reagan’s Racist Remarks to Richard Nixon | The New Yorker
    26. Shimon Prokupecz on Twitter: “CNN: New York Police Department Officer Daniel Pantaleo should be terminated following his controversial involvement in the death of Eric Garner, a departmental administrative judge officially recommended Friday, according to a source with direct knowledge of the decision.” / Twitter
    27. Letter from a Region in My Mind, by James Baldwin – From 1962: “Whatever white people do not know about Negroes reveals, precisely and inexorably, what they do not know about themselves.” | The New Yorker
    28. Jeff Merkley on Twitter: “Senate Republicans jammed a bill through committee that allows the govt to hold migrant children up to 100 days in internment camps. They’re breaking their own rules to pass bills that traumatize kids. We must flip the Senate to end this. RT if you agree.” / Twitter
    29. Pictures depicting good, bad black hairstyles panned online
    30. Philip Klinkner on Twitter: “#IfItWasTheSeventies” / Twitter
    31. Rep. Cheney Accuses Tribes of “Destroying our Western Way of Life” Over Sacred Grizzly Protections — Native News Online
    32. The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings – The New York Times
    33. CNN Politics on Twitter: “Trump administration ends family-based reunification programs for Haitians and Filipino World War II veterans”
    34. Nelba Márquez-Greene, LMFT 🇵🇷🇨🇦 on Twitter: “We will never, ever address the evil of gun violence in America without addressing white supremacy. That’s the elephant. That’s the whole room.” / Twitter
    35. Joe Walsh on Twitter: “When I was in Congress 8 yrs ago, our biggest domestic terror threat was Muslim American men radicalized by Islamism. Today, our biggest domestic terror threat is white American men radicalized by white supremacy. Conservatives must be honest enough to acknowledge this.” / Twitter
    36. Vanessa Angélica | Abolish ICE. on Twitter: “The shootings in Gilroy, CA and El Paso, TX are white supremacist, anti-Latinx racist hate crimes. Both shooters use the language of invasion, take-over, and infestation. Please don’t erase that in how you talk about these incidents.” / Twitter
    37. Ayman Mohyeldin on Twitter: “LET THIS SINK IN FOR A MINUTE ===> There are concerns that families of some of the victims could be too afraid to go to the family reunification centers or hospitals searching for loved ones because of their immigration status and they are afraid they could suddenly be arrested” / Twitter
    38. Neera Tanden on Twitter: “A racist murderer goes to El Paso to slaughter people. Of course he’s influenced by a climate of hate. A climate Trump creates with his “infestation” rhetoric and anti-immigrant viciousness. This hate must be defeated.” / Twitter
    39. Karine Jean-Pierre on Twitter: “White nationalism is a plague on our country.” / Twitter
    40. Alex Cole on Twitter: “Trump: “We cannot allow these people to invade our country.” El Paso shooter: “I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” #TrumpsTerrorists #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism” / Twitter
    41. Drew McKevitt on Twitter: “In the archives this morning I’m working through material on Columbine and one thing that stands out is how the killers were unmistakable white supremacists but within days the press stopped talking about that and instead focused on mental health, teen angst, media violence, etc.” / Twitter
    42. Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “Can we also run background checks on police to make sure they aren’t affiliated with white supremacist organizations or circles?” / Twitter
    43. Exclusive: Visa denials to poor Mexicans skyrocket under Trump’s State Department – POLITICO
    44. Alex Love on Twitter: “Children of those arrested in Wednesday’s #ICE raids near Forest, MS. are being put up in a local gym tonight by neighbors/strangers. Many are left scared & crying after coming home from school & being locked out without their parents. Donated food & drinks are being provided.” / Twitter
    45. Joyce Alene on Twitter: “Mississippi ICE raids: “there was a young man who was working there that protested the arrests because he was an American citizen…& they tased him, knocked him to the ground & put handcuffs on him before they finally figured out that he was an American.”


    • The Appeal on Twitter: “BREAKING: Jody Owens, Managing Attorney of the Southern Poverty Law Center, will become the next DA of Hinds County, Mississippi, after winning 52% of the vote tonight.

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