This Week in White Supremacy, Week 95: Native women must work 9 additional months to get paid what their white male counterparts did last year

Rep. Sharice Davids on Twitter: “Native women face one of the largest wage gaps in the US, having to work 9 additional months just to get paid what their white male counterparts got paid last year. On #NativeWomensEqualPay Day, I’m calling on the Senate to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.” / Twitter

  1. The White Power Movement From Reagan to Trump | The Nation

  2. Leaked Emails Show How White Nationalists Have Infiltrated Conservative Media | Splinter News

  3. Scientific racism: a history of the phony theories that perpetuate white supremacy | The Washington Post

  4. Texas prison officials threatened with jail for air conditioning violation | The Texas Tribune

  5. Pompeo Decries Proliferation of ‘Human Rights’ Claims in Speech | Bloomberg

  6. Ava DuVernay on Twitter: “If you thought #WhenTheySeeUs was just the title of a four-part film…” / Twitter

  7. CE officer fires shots in Antioch grocery store parking lot while trying to make arrest | News Channel 5

  8. [thread] Bette Midler on Twitter: “Is this a joke?” / Twitter

  9. [thread] zellie on Twitter: “Slavery was never abolished.” / Twitter

  10. Brian Entin on Twitter: “Big problems on the ferry from Freeport to Florida — announcement just made that any Bahamian without a visa must now get off. This is not normal. Nornally Bahamians can travel to USA with passport and a printout of their police record. This is a mess.” / Twitter

  11. Homeland Security to collect social media usernames on immigration and visitor applications | CNNPolitics

  12. [thread] Beyonce’s Stolen Emmy on Twitter: “A) deplatforming hate works. B) goes to show that M*lo and so many are not true believers: they turned a profit by playing on people’s fears. Trafficking in hate for any reason is despicable. But emboldening hate to line your pockets while people die is a particular evil.” / Twitter

  13. Trace Lysette on Twitter: “My friend #MiguelEspinosa may be deported over a traffic violation. He pursued citizenship for many years, has a wife & kids who were all born here. They were waiting on 1 more piece of documentation that never came back. Now a family is being ripped apart” / Twitter

  14. Marlon Weems on Twitter: “Tonight a truck full of white boys sped past my house screaming the n-word at me and my wife. I’ll never forget the look on my wife’s face (she’s white). We’re trying to decide if we should tell our kids. It’s been a few hours now and I can’t stop thinking about it. WTF.” / Twitter

  15. Ari Natter on Twitter: “JUST IN: The FEMA official who oversaw the reconstruction of Puerto Rico’s electrical grid after Hurricane Maria in 2017 has been arrested in connection with fraud and conspiracy charges.” / Twitter

  16. Mississippi Man Sentenced to 11 Years for Crossburning | OPA | Department of Justice

  17. Trump pushing for major crackdown on homeless camps in California, with aides discussing moving residents to government-backed facilities | The Washington Post

  18. Judge Promoted by Trump Administration Threatened a 2-Year-Old With an Attack Dog | Mother Jones

  19. [thread] Alyssa Milano on Twitter: “WHY ARE WE SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM THE BAHAMAS FROM THEIR PARENTS?!” / Twitter

  20. Meet the Press on Twitter: “BREAKING: The US will not grant temporary protected status to people from the Bahamas displaced by Hurricane Dorian, an administration official tells NBC News. (via @JuliaEAinsley)” / Twitter

  21. Female swimmer is disqualified over her bathing suit. Critics cite body shaming |NBC News

  22. Al Cardenas on Twitter: “More children have died in ICE custody that from vaping.. just saying… ”

  23. ANGELA on Twitter: “Racist out here showin their entire evil bitch azzez … This Is AmeriKKKa” / Twitter

  24. StanceGrounded on Twitter: “This breaks my heart Stories that are never heard. #afterseptember11 ” / Twitter

  25. Samuel Sinyangwe on Twitter: “Angola is the longest running slave plantation in the United States. It is also the nation’s largest maximum-security prison.” / Twitter

  26. New ‘SNL’ member Shane Gillis apologizes for anti-Asian slur in video | USA Today

  27. ‘Proud to Be White’ : Conservative Candidate Resigns After Secret Anti-Immigrant Facebook Account Discovered | PressProgress

  28. Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere – LA on Twitter: “A little note on what we mean when we talk about #WhitePrivilege.” / Twitter

  29. PBS NewsHour on Twitter: “Civil rights figure Juanita Abernathy has died. Behind the scenes, she wrote the plan for the 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. She was 88 years old.” / Twitter

  30. Andrew Yang wades into backlash over new ‘SNL’ cast member’s bigoted comments | CNNPolitics

  31. Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: “A Black boy was jumped by 3 white boys at R.W. Blake Academy in Lakeland FL. Polk County School District @PolkSchoolsNews tried to cover it up and the court initially refused to issue a restraining order. The boys mother, Lauren Springfield, was persistent in calling for justice.” / Twitter

  32. Ava DuVernay on Twitter: “They were found together. Two were so close their limbs touched. Sunday dresses tattered. Bodies shattered. Lives taken by killers for whom they didn’t matter. They did and they do. Never forget Denise, Carole, Cynthia, Addie Mae. Our Four Little Girls. Lost 56 years ago today.” / Twitter

  33. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “Today, #EricGarner should be celebrating his 49th birthday Instead, his family mourns his unjustified death; his friend, Ramsey Orta, who filmed his death remains incarcerated; and the cop who killed him was never criminally prosecuted and lost his job only after yrs of activism” / Twitter

  34. President Hoover deported 1 million Mexican Americans for supposedly stealing jobs during the Great Depression – The Washington Post

  35. A Texas school district said a 4-year-old boy had to braid his hair or cut it off. Parents say that discriminates against black hairstyles – CNN

  36. Ruth Ben-Ghiat on Twitter: “Beware when hatred comes to have a “central role in public affairs” and leaders and their allies “publicly wear the mask of cruelty.” – Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism.” / Twitter

  37. Peter Baker on Twitter: “”Who do you like more, the country or the Hispanics?” Trump at New Mexico rally quizzes Hispanic supporter who, he said, “looks more like.a WASP than I do.”” / Twitter

  38. NowThis on Twitter: “Cops reportedly harassed a group of kids for waiting at a bus stop and even ordered one Black teen into their car with no explanation” / Twitter

  39. A North Carolina Sheriff Tried To Have A Deputy Killed Over A Racist Tape | Buzzfeed News

  40. Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah detained, questioned about terrorism at JFK airport – The Washington Post

  41. The untold story of wrestler Andrew Johnson’s dreadlocks

  42. Overlooked No More: Elizabeth A. Gloucester, ‘Richest’ Black Woman and Ally of John Brown – The New York Times

  43. The Right Wing’s War on the L.G.B.T.Q. Community | The New Yorker

  44. [thread] Chris Hayes on Twitter: “It is so easy to read this and be upset or shake your head and still see it as an abstraction. But take a second to play through a missile from, say, Iran landing in Iowa and killing 30 farmers and what that would do to domestic politics.” / Twitter

  45. Natural hair styles in the workplace: Protections for race-based hair discrimination are growing – The Washington Post

  46. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “White people exposed for wearing blackface often claim that there was no malice, no ill will and no hatred that was intended. The fact is that blackface promotes racial stereotypes and fuels white supremacy.” / Twitter

  47. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “This federal court has never had a Black judge in its 200-year history. It is located in Virginia.” / Twitter

  48. Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “This situation w/ 45 being a blatant threat to nat’l security interests & the lack of response from the bipartisan establishment (esp Republicans) shows again that the traditional fanfare around patriotism is largely a farce; reinforcing racism thru Trumpism takes precedence.” / Twitter

  49. How UT Used Standardized Testing to Slow Integration – The Atlantic

  50. Education Dept. cites disproportionate focus on ‘positive aspects of Islam’ in reviewing UNC-Duke grant funding | TheHill

  51. NAACP on Twitter: “FACT: Young black men are 21 times more likely than their white peers to be killed by police. This HAS to stop. #PoliceOversightHearing” / Twitter

  52. Barry Jenkins Experienced Racism During Moonlight

  53. Candace Owens to Congress: ‘White Supremacy and White Nationalism Are Not a Problem’

  54. I’m Not Here For That on Twitter: “Andrew Sullivan had no idea what he’s talking. Saying black men aren’t involved in their children’s lives is a right wing talking point. #realtime” / Twitter

  55. Resist Programming on Twitter: “@jemelehill Candace Owens reveals the whole scheme right here at her Blexit event. Use “minority candidates” as human “race card” shields. She then proceeds to defend Ron DeSantis’ monkey comments by saying “the word monkey doesn’t offend me.” / Twitter

  56. Prosecutors say an alleged member of a white-supremacist group was involved with illegal guns, drugs – The Washington Post

  57. StanceGrounded on Twitter: “What the….?! This fairness cream ad is one of the most RACIST things I’ve ever seen. DISGUSTING” / Twitter

  58. Backlash Over Border Patrol Lawsuit Forces Women Out of Town | Time

  59. Touré on Twitter: “The lifetime risk that an African-American man will spend time in prison at some point in his life is 28.5%, compared to 4.4% for a white man.” / Twitter

  60. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “Insane apologists claim that white nationalism has no impact on Black people. Tell that to the family members of 9 Black people gunned down by a white supremacist while peacefully worshipping inside the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC. #NeverForget” / Twitter

  61. Modi, Trump, and White Nationalists Have a Lot In Common

  62. ICE to resume detaining migrant families at Texas facility – The Washington Post

  63. Trial Opens for Former Officer Who Killed Unarmed Black Man in His Apartment – The New York Times

  64. Can the Trump administration sink any lower than threatening to deport sick kids? – The Boston Globe

  65. Charles M. Blow on Twitter: “Just so that you know where all this money is going: “More than 92% of the country’s 2.1 million farmers are non-Hispanic whites, and more than 86% of those farm operators are men.”” / Twitter

  66. Sister Helen Prejean on Twitter: “The death penalty is a vestige of slavery and Jim Crow. It’s no coincidence that the majority of executions happen in the Southern states that formed the Confederacy. Racism is baked into our capital punishment system.” / Twitter

  67. Florida grandmother outraged after 6-year-old arrested for ‘tantrum’ – WFLA


  • A Searchable Database Tracking Xenophobic and Racist Political Ads | America’s Voice

  • [thread] Charles D. Brown II on Twitter: “Yesterday, I successfully defended my Ph.D. In physics at Yale. Since the 1860’s, Black people have been awarded few Ph.D.’s from the Yale physics department. As far as I can tell, I am the 7th Black man to receive this degree from Yale Physics. #blackandSTEM @AcademicChatter 1/” / Twitter

  • Nico Santos on Twitter: “Congrats @bowenyang on making history!!!” / Twitter

  • Toronto Raptors on Twitter: “Inspired by those brave enough to change the game. The Toronto Raptors Nike Pro Hijab is available now. #WeTheNorth” / Twitter

  • Native American ‘Aunties’ Raise Funds to Feed Migrants | Voice of America – English

  • Constance Wu’s Hollywood Destiny | The New Yorker

  • Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “Hard to express how happy it makes me to see this. #GwenIfill’s legacy of integrity & excellence lives on in a coterie of exceptional women of color journalists working today. @nhannahjones powerfuly exemplifies the very best of these professionals. Congratulations @nhannahjones” / Twitter

  • Billionaire Widens Morehouse College-Debt Gift to Parents – Bloomberg

  • AAIHS on Twitter: “We are now accepting submissions for the 2020 Conference “The Black Radical Tradition” March 6-7, 2020 #AAIHS2020″ / Twitter

  • Taniel on Twitter: “A landlord threatened to call ICE on their tenant. And was just fined $17,000 for that. Likely “the first case in the country where an individual was fined for threatening to call immigration authorities.”” / Twitter

  • Brittany on Twitter: “This semester, I am teaching my first Native student. I am the first Native professor she’s ever had. We always talk about the importance of students having professors who look like them, but we forget how meaningful it is for the professors, too.” / Twitter

  • Jemele Hill on Twitter: “The reaction to Jharrel Jerome winning an Emmy is so powerful. He deserves this and so much more for such an incredible performance. #WhenTheySeeUs” / Twitter

  • Tommie Smith, John Carlos to be inducted into U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame – The Washington Post

  • Chief Standing Bear: Civil rights leader gets a statue in the U.S. Capitol – The Washington Post

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