This Week in White Supremacy #102: When powerful white men use words like lynching

Tom & Lorenzo on Twitter: “When powerful white men use words like lynching and witch hunt to describe their perceived persecutions, it’s because there are no historical analogues to white male persecution. There’s no term for it because historically, there’s no such thing.” / Twitter


  • StanceGrounded on Twitter: “My heart can’t. A mother, who came to Canada as a refugee from Syria, sees her son for the first time in three years after his refugee application was approved. The family is now reunited. He goes to kiss her feet, a sign of respect. I’m crying” / Twitter

  • Roland Martin Reaches More Black Americans With News Than Anyone In U.S. | Black Enterprise

  • Lupita Nyong’o & Cicely Tyson Share an Embrace at National Equal Justice Awards Dinner 2019 | Cicely Tyson, Lupita Nyong’o : Just Jared

  • David Ovalle on Twitter: “Singer John Legend arrives at Miami-Dade criminal court for special docket to waive court fees, so convicted felons can have their right to vote restored” / Twitter

  • History Lovers Club on Twitter: “This tree in South Africa is over 2000 years old and is known as the The Tree of Life. More pics” / Twitter

  • Leslie Proll on Twitter: “By U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson, the only Black federal judge ever to serve on bench in Montgomery, Alabama. They are both history-makers.” / Twitter


  1. White man who enslaved and abused black restaurant employee received 10 years in prison – The Washington Post

  2. Rebecca J. Kavanagh on Twitter: “Cops in unmarked cars grabbed a group of Black children trick or treating in an affluent Brooklyn neighborhood, lined them up against a wall, searched them, handcuffed them, then took them to a police precinct, where they were released without charges.” / Twitter

  3. The Volatile Mermaid on Twitter: “The people who don’t want us to use the term “concentration camps” when talking about groups of children concentrated in camps are defending their use of the word “lynching” to describe a white man being held accountable for his actions.” / Twitter

  4. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Could Texas be any more intentional? Houston voters elect 19 Black women to judgeships. GOP then introduces bill to replace judicial elections w/governor-appointed judges. Kicker: Bill would end elections only in counties w/500,000+ people, targeting urban areas like Houston.” / Twitter

  5. LDF Sends Letter to Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission Supporting Complaint Against Judge S. Kastrenakes | NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

  6. NYC Psychology Professor Secretly Moonlights As White Nationalist Co-Host Of Richard Spencer’s Podcast – Gothamist

  7. EXCLUSIVE: A U.S. Marine Used the Neo-Nazi Site Iron March to Recruit for a ‘Racial Holy War’ – VICE

  8. Facebook Empowers Racism Against Its Employees of Color

  9. Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Bringing the word “Nationalism” back into the mainstream – great job by Rich Lowry! Very important book.”

  10. Redlined by Algorithm | Dissent Magazine

  11. Father of Atatiana Jefferson has died, family spokesman confirms |

  12. Opinion | The ‘Lost Cause’ That Built Jim Crow – The New York Times

  13. wilfred chan on Twitter: “ICE rolled an armored military vehicle. with a gunner in the roof. through an immigrant community in Queens.” / Twitter

  14. Nikki Haley Forgives Trump’s racist ‘go back’ slur on Ilhan Omar: ‘I appreciate where he was coming from’ |

  15. Batya Ungar-Sargon on Twitter: “Our Orthodox brothers and sisters are bearing the brunt of the massive rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes, many of which are taking place on a daily basis in Brooklyn, New York effing City. FOR SHAME AMERICA. RAISE YOUR VOICE UP FOR THEM!!!” / Twitter

  16. 1944 Expulsion of Iberia Parish’s Black Leaders | Iberia Travel

  17. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “The Trump administration held 69,550 migrant children in gov’t custody over the past year, enough kids to overflow a football stadium. That’s more kids detained away from their parents than any other country, despite the trauma & damage that results.” / Twitter

  18. Khaled Beydoun on Twitter: “The forgotten Muslim soldiers that served with the Allies. Nearly 600,000 served; here they are seen praying while fighting during WWI. #VeteransDay” / Twitter

  19. The Tragic, Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans | The New Yorker

  20. Little-Known Heroes of WWII: The U.S. Army’s All-Mexican-American Unit

  21. ADL Urges Action After FBI Reports Jews Were Target of Most Religion-Based Hate Crimes in 2018 | Anti-Defamation League

  22. Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails | Southern Poverty Law Center

  23. Soledad O’Brien on Twitter: “Why any corporation would advertise on a show where a hateful person spews anti-immigrant rhetoric is beyond me.” / Twitter

  24. Peter Daou on Twitter: “I ASK AGAIN: What in living hell is white supremacist #StephenMiller doing in our White House??? He has spearheaded a border torture policy that the last living Nuremberg prosecutor called a “crime against humanity.”” / Twitter

  25. Samantha Jonscher on Twitter: “BREAKING: A 28–year old male Northern Territory police officer has been charged with one count of murder over the death of Kumanjayi Walker @abcdarwin” / Twitter

  26. Dr Andrea Livesey on Twitter: “In the plantation museum there is one board on slavery. It tells visitors that ‘various records indicate they were treated well for the time’. I’m guessing these records all come from the enslavers?” / Twitter

  27. Court Rules Against Black Woman Who Said She Was Ridiculed For Her Hair At Work, Told It Was ‘Unprofessional’ – Blavity News

  28. Demand the WWE be held accountable for perpetuating anti-Black imagery. |

  29. Report Details How Stephen Miller Shared Theories Favored by White Nationalists – The New York Times

  30. Billionaire’s wife claims she can use n-word because she knows Alicia Keys

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