Thank You for Standing with Us in 2019!

Dear Friends,

Seasons Greetings!!!

You believe in equal opportunity, equity and justice for all people. Everyone should have the right to live as they chose regardless of race, gender, ability or sexual orientation. Systemic change is possible only when people like you and me are willing to stand up and fight for the future we believe in.

Unfortunately, the current political administration perpetuates policies rooted in right wing nationalism, white supremacy and anti-immigrant sentiments, increasing harms to the very communities we stand up to defend. Facing these divisive tactics, we must acknowledge that we do not live in post-racial America. In fact, our work combatting racism and implicit bias is now more necessary than ever.

One of our most powerful tools in combatting these harmful narratives is supporters like you. The right is well-funded, organized and will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda. You can help stop the spread of white supremacy and nationalism, by supporting the efforts of the Equal Justice Society as we fight to bring justice to communities of color, shift public opinion to the left and bring lasting policy change to benefit marginalized communities.  

This year you helped EJS file a disability and race discrimination lawsuit against the Sacramento City Unified School District, for their illegal segregation and suspension of Black students with disabilities. You supported us as we launched a new initiative with our partners to create a pathway for underrepresented law students of color to become clerks and judges, and you lent your support as we worked on the passage of two bills to combat implicit bias in California.

Your gift to EJS supports all this and more:

  • Litigation on behalf of our most vulnerable community members
  • Policy Advocacy as a solution to systemic racism
  • Education Efforts to Shift Public Opinion and school systems
  • Raising Awareness through Arts and Social Science

There is a great deal to do in the decade ahead and too much at stake. Join us in ushering in a new era of civil and racial equity.

Buckle up my friends. We are in for a wild ride in 2020—the 20th Anniversary of EJS.


Eva Paterson on behalf of my fellow staff and Board members