This Week in White Supremacy #107: White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump

The New York Times – If any group remains singularly loyal to Mr. Trump, it is the small but impassioned number of white voters on the far right, often in rural communities like Golden Valley, who extol him as a cultural champion reclaiming the country from undeserving outsiders.

These voters don’t passively tolerate Mr. Trump’s “build a wall” message or his ban on travel from predominantly Muslim countries — they’re what motivates them. They see themselves in his fear-based identity politics, bolstered by conspiratorial rhetoric about caravans of immigrants and Democratic “coups.” (read more)


  • Bryan Stevenson’s Radical Call To Action In ‘Just Mercy’
  • Namrata Ramesh Selected as 2020 Rhodes Scholar! | Scholarship Connection – Letters & Science – UC Berkeley
  • ‘Watchmen’ star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II recalls his time as an SF city planner | Datebook
  • Janai Nelson on Twitter: “Every year this is my year-end cover to cover read. That every image on the cover of the 2019 @NYTmag is of #ToniMorrison has just left me speechless. Well done. #TheLivesTheyLived
  • Ava DuVernay on Twitter: “Reflecting on the decade. In 2010, I got a call from @BET. They heard I’d made an indie documentary about LA hip hop the year before. They offered me a doc on women in hip hop. It was my first paying directing job. I remember crying with joy. And hope.
  • philip lewis on Twitter: “One of the most human moments of the decade
  • The Root on Twitter: “The 43rd stamp in the Black Heritage series will honor Gwen Ifill, the first black woman to host a nationally televised U.S. public affairs program: Twitter
  • Delaware’s first black Supreme Court justice to take oath of office
  • 9 Climate Activists of Color You Should Know | Teen Vogue
  • The Joint Center Commends Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) for Hiring Trudy Perkins, the First Black Senate Communications Director in a Personal Office in Over a Year – Joint Center
  • Ava DuVernay’s ‘When They See Us’ Among Nominees For DGA Awards
  • Karen Tongson on Twitter: “As of today, I am the first woman of color to have ever been promoted to the rank of full professor in the USC English dept. I promise I will not be the last. Thanks to everyone who wrote for me, mentored me, drank w/ me. It took not only a village, but a world to make it happen.” / Twitter


  1. ‘Nothing Less Than a Civil War’: These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump – The New York Times
  2. Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “Please stop calling Republicans “the party of Lincoln.” It is literally not possible to be the party of Lincoln and be the pro-Confederacy party at the same time. Lincoln was 154 years ago. Modern Republicans are the defenders of the statues to Jefferson Davis.” / Twitter
  3. Kimberle Crenshaw on Twitter: “We rarely acknowledge that breeding Black women and removing their children built the wealth of this country. We never acknowledge how the ideology that grew around this practice impacts Black women and families today. Don’t miss @DorothyERoberts “What Slavery Engendered.”
  4. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “At end of decade, consider appointments of Black circuit judges over years. We are seriously backsliding. Truman: 1 Kennedy: 1 Johnson: 2 Nixon: 0 Ford: 0 Carter: 9 Reagan: 1 Bush: 2 Clinton: 9 Bush: 6 Obama: 9 Trump: 0 Last Black circuit judge was confirmed in 2014. Appalling.
  5. Charles Stuart case: Boston police targeted black men with stop-and-frisk tactics after pregnant woman killed – The Washington Post
  6. The Daily Beast on Twitter: “Police say an Iowa woman intentionally “ran over” a middle schooler with her car because she was “Mexican”
  7. CNN Politics on Twitter: “Senate quietly cuts the phrase “white nationalist” from a measure meant to screen those who enlist in the military
  8. ‘I’m Kidnapped’: A Father’s Nightmare on the Border – The New York Times
  9. Kurt Bardella on Twitter: “Drunk white guy bumps my wife while walking down street. Promptly blames her. And calls me a “Jap” – what is the appropriate response???” / Twitter
  10. The N.F.L.’s Embrace of Black Players Has Always Been Conditional – The New York Times
  11. Misty Copeland Calls Out Russian Ballet Company for Blackface: ‘The Reality of the Ballet World’
  12. Sportstar on Twitter: “@SpursOfficial @ChelseaFC An incident of racism has been reported. A spectator is said to have hurled abuses at Rudiger. Anthony Taylor briefed Mourinho and Lampard and an announcement was made. #TOTCHE #Racism
  13. The New York Times on Twitter: “A Cuban doctor waiting for asylum in the U.S. has become the only full-time physician at a makeshift encampment for 2,500 migrants in Mexico. “It’s what I know. It’s what I do best,” he said.
  14. NYPD cop Michael Reynolds sentenced to jail in Airbnb terror case
  15. Qasim Rashid, Esq. on Twitter: “This is enraging NYPD Cop Michael Reynolds: •Goes to Nashville bachelor party •Got drunk & broke into Black family’s home •Threatened to kill mother & her kids—called them “fu**ing nig***s” All Caught On Camera •2 weeks jail •Still employed by NYPD
  16. Chief Resistance Officer on Twitter: “Last night while Christmas shopping my African American wife was followed around at a clothing store by an elderly white woman worker. My wife is a middle aged multi-millionaire physician and entrepreneur. White racists can just drop dead already. Thank you.” / Twitter
  17. The Root on Twitter: “Black Girls With Braids Reportedly Banned From Harlem Production of Black Nutcracker
  18. Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, Woman Who Attacked ‘Mexican’ Teen, Also Struck Black Kid, Police Say
  19. Joshua Potash on Twitter: “Horrifying. Two students entered Riverton High School in Wyoming wearing KKK robes and waving American flags. This is what taking our country backwards look like.
  20. Charles Finch on Twitter: “Hundreds of kids in Texas are spending Christmas Eve taking care of each other. Freezing cold, insufficient food, water, medical attention, hygienic resources. No contact with their parents. Many as young as 1.
  21. Army officer returns home to San Diego to say goodbye to mother before deportation – The San Diego Union-Tribune
  22. George Takei on Twitter: “This holiday, please remember that America is holding 14,000 migrant children in federal custody, and that they deserve a Christmas and indeed a whole life filled with hope and promise, not fear and pain.” / Twitter
  23. New Emails Expose How Stephen Miller and His Pals Push Trump’s Agenda – Rolling Stone
  24. StanceGrounded on Twitter: “-Separated from their children -No shower -Lights kept on all night -Concrete floors, Aluminum blanket -Complaining of hunger -No medication for sickness Look at them, begging for help, in tears. Thousand including children as young as 1 in extreme cruelty this Christmas
  25. Statement on Death of Congolese National in Laredo | U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  26. Ben Domenech on Twitter: “Next year at The Federalist, we will be running a series of stories as part of the 1620 Project, on the anniversary of the pilgrims’ arrival at Plymouth Rock. Feel free to submit essays to us as academics! But our standards will be much higher than the NYTmag.” / Twitter
  27. Race war murder: James Harris Jackson killed Timothy Caughman to spark white v. black conflict – Washington Post
  28. Wouter on Twitter: “White cop: let me pull over this car with a black lady inside for no reason. What’s the worst what can happen to me!? Black lady:
  29. on Twitter: “A federal judge’s ruling says Gardendale “acted in bad faith” in its plans to secede from Jefferson County Schools.The Alabama city must pay nearly $850,000 in legal bills to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and former federal judge U.W. Clemon.
  30. Judge Rules City Of Dallas Not Liable In Wrongful Death Of Botham Jean – Blavity News
  31. Most teachers are white, even as schools are more diverse than ever – Washington Post
  32. Tina Turner mural defaced with swastika in Asheville, North Carolina
  33. Federal judge won’t undo Georgia voter purge – ABC News
  34. 5 Wounded in Stabbing at Rabbi’s Home in N.Y. Suburb – The New York Times
  35. Slave Gravesite Found Under Florida Country Club
  36. National Brotherhood Week: Blondes discriminated against at Cabin John Junior High School in 1969 – The Washington Post
  37. Jessica Price on Twitter: “Please pay attention. This month: -the Sixth & I synagogue in Washington DC was vandalized with swastikas -the sanctuary of the Nessah synagogue in LA was vandalized -Anti-semitic graffiti, including”time to pay,” was spray-painted on the sign of American Jewish University (1/x)” / Twitter
  38. [thread] brittany packnett cunningham on Twitter: “I want to tell you all a story, about Trump, a rally, and a Black MAGA man. I want to tell this story because I need us to understand that white supremacy does not just depend on white people to function. 1/” / Twitter
  39. Mark D. Levine on Twitter: “There have been NINE anti-Semitic attacks in NYC in the past week. And now this horror tonight just outside the city, in Monsey. This is a full blown crisis. None of what we are doing is good enough.
  40. Chicano Marine on Twitter: “Here is a perfect example of racism being taught.
  41. The Associated Press on Twitter: “”The Jewish community needs greater protection.” Since the Dec. 10 massacre at a kosher grocery store in New Jersey there have been 19 anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S., according to the ADL’s Tracker of Anti-Semitic Incidents.
  42. Shelley Hueckel Used Racial Slurs, Slapped Black Car Salesman
  43. Chief: Local officer resigns after making up coffee cup incident | KSNT News
  44. NBC News on Twitter: “West Virginia correctional cadets who gave Nazi salute in photo will all be fired.
  45. Anger, mistrust linger after judge grants cops immunity
  46. Andrew Marantz on Twitter: “If you’re trying to guess how White Settlement, Texas got its name, you’re right” / Twitter
  47. Dorothy Roberts on Twitter: “Have you noticed that the scientific research and media reports explaining the (white) opioid epidemic focus on economic & other structural factors, not pathological cultural or biological traits?
  48. Michael Bloomberg Says He Has ‘No Idea’ What His Stance Is Regarding Central Park 5 | HuffPost
  49. In a Homecoming Video Meant to Unite Campus, Almost Everyone Was White – The New York Times
  50. CBS News Apologizes for mixing up black congressmen
  51. Denying a Professor Tenure, Harvard Sparks a Debate Over Ethnic Studies – The New York Times
  52. Residence Inn of Enforcing ‘No Party Policy’ Against Black Guests in $300,000 Lawsuit
  53. Judd Legum on Twitter: “I love to get lectures on the importance of democracy from the dude that invalidated most of the Voting Rights Act
  54. Report: California cops more likely to stop black drivers
  55. Melissa Murray on Twitter: “As promised, here’s a thread summarizing some of the important insights surfaced at today’s roundtable discussion on recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty.
  56. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “It’s 2020. Last Black appellate judge to be nominated & confirmed was in 2014. Donald Trump has nominated ZERO African Americans to appellate bench. Judicial diversity is in a free fall. Restoring representation on courts must be top priority for next president. #VoteTheCourts” / Twitter
  57. W. Kamau Bell on Twitter: “Once in SF, I was getting a ride from my friend, who was white. She got pulled over. She told me she had expired plates. As I was laughing at / chastising her, the cop knocked on my window – the passenger windoq – & asked for my ID. No ticket for her.
  58. Izzy Galvez ? on Twitter: “Racism is so central to American history. You can be curious about a simple thing like “Why do almost all cartoon characters wear white gloves?” and the honest to God answer is because cartoons were originally designed after minstrel shows. ??????” / Twitter
  59. Craigston Robbins on Twitter: “32 NFL teams…3 black coaches. Roughly 128 D1 programs, 11 black coaches. Not gonna mention the laughable #’s at the D2 & D3 level. Eric Bieniemy, OC for the chiefs, can’t get a HC job, but a position coach for the PATs gets hired by a cornerstone franchise? We’re in 2020, ???” / Twitter
  60. sarah emerson on Twitter: “Today ICE + CBP will begin a pilot program to harvest DNA from immigration detainees. “CBP will begin collecting DNA from any person in CBP custody who is subject to fingerprinting…include aliens as well as U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents.”
  61. Jim Trotter on Twitter: “Received this text from an NFL assistant coach who happens to be black: “NFL has finally shown it’s not the place for black men to advance. It’s ridiculous, it’s disgusting. We can sell tickets and make plays, but we can’t lead.”” / Twitter
  62. NYPD Targets Blacks and Latinos for ‘Jaywalking’ Tickets – Streetsblog New York City

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