This Week in White Supremacy #109: Black Americans are deeply pessimistic about the country under Trump

The Washington Post – Black Americans are deeply pessimistic about the country under Trump, whom more than 8 in 10 describe as ‘a racist,’ Post-Ipsos poll finds

President Trump made a stark appeal to black Americans during the 2016 election when he asked, “What have you got to lose?” Three years later, black Americans have rendered their verdict on his presidency with a deeply pessimistic assessment of their place in the United States under a leader seen by an overwhelming majority as racist.


  • When I Met Martin Luther King, Jr. | The New Yorker
  • Story of the Week: Democracy? – How a letter from a Black soldier in a WWII Army magazine contributed to the desegregation of the military.
  • On Feb. 1, 2020, at noon Agents of Change will screen as part of a free Saturday film series at the de Young Museum, curated by Cornelius Moore of California Newsreel. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film’s directors, Frank Dawson and Abby Ginzberg.
  • NCYL Files 9th Circuit Flores Brief as part of ongoing efforts to combat the Administration’s attempts to undermine the Flores Settlement Agreement and the protections it provides to all children in federal immigration custody.
  • 10 African Countries Which Have Launched Satellites Into Space
  • HBO’s Controversial ‘Confederate’ Series Loses the Battle – After nearly three years of trying to produce a show in which the South won the Civil War, the network has finally scrapped the project.| Colorlines


  1. Kira Lerner on Twitter: “BREAKING: The Florida Supreme Court just ruled that people with felony convictions must pay off all fines and fees before they can vote”
  2. Ten Years After “The New Jim Crow” | The New Yorker
  3. AM Joy w/Joy Reid on Twitter: “Poll of Black Americans: Do you think President Trump is a racist?”
  4. A black off-duty cop tried to help stop a crime. Another officer shot him. – The Washington Post
  5. Nelba Márquez-Greene on Twitter: “Sit with me. Close your eyes. Just for a while. Look at the images of the Virginia armed protesters through the eyes of a mother whose own unarmed child was shot and killed for “looking suspicious or threatening”. Can you still breathe?”
  6. Austin Landis on Twitter: “In Davos today, President Trump confirmed to @WSJ his plan to add seven more countries to the “travel ban” or Pres. Proclamation 9645. The announcement could come as soon as Monday (third anniversary of first version of the ban) @Newsy”
  7. Mont Belvieu teen won’t be able to walk at graduation unless he cuts his dreadlocks |
  8. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on Twitter: ““We have indeed normalized a very dangerous world in terms of the risks of nuclear warfare and climate change,” — Bob Rosner of the Bulletin’s Science & Security Board #DoomsdayClock…”
  9. St. Louis Prosecutor Sues City for Racism | Colorlines
  10. Where Are the Oscar Nominations for Asian Actors? | Colorlines
  11. Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “President Trump used his Davos appearance to renew his claim that he has advanced economic oppty for African Americans. He regularly cites the Black unemployment rate as evidence. But the picture is considerably more complex. @TMI_LDF Sr. Researcher @algernon_austin has receipts.”

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