We’re Launching the Repeal of Proposition 209!

The Equal Justice Society is leading a new effort to repeal Proposition 209.

We’re launching the repeal today at the State Capitol along with a broad coalition of organizations and individuals through the introduction of Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 5 (ACA 5). You can watch the livestream on Facebook.

Even as California’s economy continues to grow, too many of us are left behind.

Because of Prop. 209, which bans fair opportunity policies in California like affirmative action, too many hardworking Californians are not sharing in our state’s prosperity – particularly women, Black, Latino, AAPI, and Native American families and low-wage workers.

Repealing Prop. 209 is an opportunity for us to stand up for our values and put an end to discrimination in state contracts, hiring and college admissions across race and gender.

California is better than Prop 209, and it’s time we end our state’s ban on fair opportunity policies like affirmative action.


Here’s what repealing Proposition 209 will mean for California:

  • Hiring more women to positions of leadership and investing in women-owned businesses, which are left out of billions of dollars in government contracts every year
  • Creating fair hiring practices in the State of California that give women, African Americans, Latinos, and AAPIs access to public career jobs and good benefits
  • Closing the education achievement gaps among communities of color, and ensuring our public colleges and universities can offer a diverse atmosphere that enhances learning and encourages mutual understanding
  • Standing up for California values against the racism and intolerance that national politicians have used to divide the country

This is a historic moment in our country and we have the chance in California to champion our progressive values and repudiate the racism of the Trump administration by voting to repeal Proposition 209.

Put plainly, this fight is about equal opportunity for all Californians.

Together we can stand up for our values and put an end to gender and racial discrimination in California.

Our first step to repealing Prop 209 is getting ACA 5 through the State Legislature to qualify for the November ballot.

Will you contact your legislators and tell them why you support ACA 5?

Thank you for your support!

Eva Paterson
President, Equal Justice Society


P.S. – We need your help. Repealing Prop. 209 will require a tremendous amount of resources. Your contribution of any amount would be appreciated! Donate to EJS today.

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