This Week in White Supremacy, Week #115: Meet The First Black Rhodes, Truman, and Udall Scholar

Confronting A Legacy, and Creating Her Own: Meet The First Black Rhodes, Truman, and Udall Scholar (The Root) – Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru shares the importance of grappling with the Rhodes legacy as an African person, what it means to make space for other marginalized voices in environmental spaces, how she feels being the first black person to hold three major scholarship titles, and more.


  • Kurt Bardella on Twitter: “It’s official – first room in the Congress named after an African American! #RIPElijah
  • 9th Circuit Upholds 2 Injunctions Blocking Trump Asylum Changes | The Recorder
  • Confederate Flags, Symbols Officially Banned From All Marine Corps Installations
  • Louisiana Judge Jessie LeBlanc Resigns After Scandal Involving Affair and Racist Texts
  • ‘Wendy’ Debuts Yashua Mack As The First Black Peter Pan
  • Tori Wenger on Twitter: “Sustained applause to hold up and send praise to our champion @repjohnlewis, from Selma to his ears and heart. @NAACP_LDF and everyone who convenes here for #Selma55 walk in his footsteps. My personal hero. All of ours.
  • @astrotoya on Twitter: “I am in tears. I’m going to be one of the first Black women to publish her own Rocket Propulsion equation! And I’m publishing as an undergrad AND I get to name it!” / Twitter
  • Vanita Gupta on Twitter: “BREAKING: I just received an email from Facebook saying they will remove Trump’s deceptive census ads. @civilrightsorg worked hard with Facebook to put a robust census interference policy in place. Trump’s ads clearly violated that policy & should have been removed immediately.” / Twitter


  1. Caroline Orr on Twitter: “Wait, four members of Congress voted against an anti-lynching bill today? Who votes against an anti-lynching bill?” / Twitter
  2. Race/Related: The Hidden History of Slavery That Surrounds Us
  3. ACLU on Twitter: “The government wants to deport asylum seekers without letting a judge review their case. That is unconstitutional. @PadmaLakshmi @aasif @theRealKapG @DemianBichir @SepidehMoafi @Megalyn have a message for the administration: Seeking safety is a human right.
  4. Rebecca Kavanagh on Twitter: “Two more people incarcerated at Parchman prison in Mississippi have been reported dead. This brings to 21 the number of people who have died since December 29. They have not yet been identified & cause & manner of death are pending autopsy.
  5. @@th3j35t3r on Twitter: “Holy shit. Check Meryl Streep out here lol, watch to end.” / Twitter
  6. College recruiter fired after lining students by skin color & hair texture at metro high school |
  7. No Way Out: Report Finds Central American Asylum Seekers Trapped in Mexico in Dangerous Conditions | Democracy Now!
  8. Black Voters Didn’t Vote for Biden in South Carolina Because They ‘Lack Information’ | The Nation
  9. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Because ensuring access to the polls includes making sure voters can get there. Perman Hardy has been driving voters to the polls in Alabama’s Black Belt for 25 years. “This is what I do every election. It’s just what I do.” Thank you, Ms. Hardy!
  10. Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “Good morning at about 10a.m. @nyctaxi cab 6V69 had its light on as it drove West to East on 56th between Lexington & 3rd. I stood in the street with my hand out. He turned his light off. Traffic was heavy so he had to drive by me slowly. There was no one in his cab.” / Twitter
  11. Siddak Ahuja on Twitter: “A man brought a literal Nazi flag to the rally of a Jewish Socialist candidate for President He was escorted out by security forces
  12. Velvet on Twitter: “I’m walking home from work and this undercover cop was holding this man. The guy asked for the cop to identify himself, he ignore that. He asked what crime he commit, he ignore that too. I pulled out my phone. You can hear the guy screaming “I never thought it would happen to me”” / Twitter

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