This Week in White Supremacy, Week #116: ACA 5 Introduced to Repeal Proposition 209

Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber (D–San Diego) and a broad coalition of colleagues and business leaders on March 10 announced ACA 5, which would initiate a ballot initiative to officially repeal Proposition 209, California’s ban on affirmative action. An antiquated law passed under Republican Governor Pete Wilson, Proposition 209 has prevented equal opportunity programs in public contracting, public employment and public education.

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  • The Black Caucus on Twitter: “Statue of Mary Mcleod Bethune will become the first of a Black woman in the U.S. Capitol thanks to the efforts of CBC Member @RepValDemings. By the way, Bethune’s statue will replace a statue of former confederate general Edmund Kirby Smith. #BlackWomen
  • @freeyourmindkid on Twitter: “I just came across this story about Lessie Randale who is a survivor of the Tulsa Massacre & she is in the process of having her home restored but has a wishlist of items that she needs. Can we make sure that she gets everything on this list?”
  • Kamala Harris on Twitter: “On Harriet Tubman Day, we pay tribute to the hero who escaped slavery in her twenties, only to return many times to lead hundreds of slaves to freedom. It’s outrageous the Trump administration is obstructing her from being on the $20 bill.” / Twitter
  • R Bratten Weiss on Twitter: “My ten year old is not having it.’ [photo]


  1. Natasha Bertrand on Twitter: “NEWS: State is pushing to designate at least one white supremacist group as a foreign terrorist org, an unprecedented move that experts say would be a big step toward fighting a growing threat on US soil. The White House has yet to give the green light.
  2. Black Woman Sues Job For Racial Discrimination, Alleges That All Promotions Went to White Men At New York PATH Station
  3. Officer Who Shot Eric Logan Cleared of Wrongdoing
  4. Dekalb County Police Handcuff and Detain 11-year Old Girl
  5. Montclair Board of Education Calls the Police on Black Parents
  6. Immigration Judges (NAIJ) on Twitter: “EOIR has ordered immigration court staff to remove CDC posters designed to slow spread of coronavirus. No, this is not a parody account.” / Twitter
  7. Kansas City mayor turned away from polls trying to vote | The Kansas City Star
  8. Angry Asian Man on Twitter: “I do not know.” [photo of racist costumes]
  9. Radley Balko on Twitter: “Email from a public defender “I visited two in-custody clients today. Both learned about the virus and recent local cases from TV news. Neither received any information about the virus from anyone at the jail. No additional soap for handwashing. No PSAs. No literature. Nothing.”” / Twitter

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