This Week in White Supremacy, Week #117: Coronavirus sparks an epidemic of people helping people in Seattle

Naomi Ishisaka, Seattle Times: What this crisis has also exposed in the past week is the way in which people, guided by their hearts, are stepping up to support each other in extraordinary ways. People like Yadesa Bojia, who is a Seattle-based artist and University of Washington graphic designer. Bojia recently became alarmed after talking with other Ethiopian American community members in his first language, Amharic, and realizing there was a lack of solid, scientifically grounded information about the coronavirus getting out to the community. So on March 7, Bojia decided to do something about it. He started a Facebook live video to read recommendations for the community in Amharic. To his surprise, the video has been viewed 2,000 times and counting.


  • Steve Phillips: We’re All In This Together — Democracy in Color
  • José Andrés says ‘people have to eat,’ so his shuttered restaurants are now community kitchens – The Washington Post


  1. Judith Browne Dianis on Twitter: “This moment is exposing the racial inequities in everything! Black & Brown kids get HW packets, others get online learning; their Moms & Dads Disproportionately laid off, no paid Sick leave; families with poorer health more vulnerable to #coronavirus” / Twitter
  2. ADL Publishes New Guide to Antisemitic Tropes | Anti-Defamation League
  3. Pregnant Woman, 19, Dies After Falling From Border Wall | Time
  4. Elizabeth Ho on Twitter: “Yo. So the other day I was in an elevator and I used my elbow to touch a button. Old dude says “oh. Coronavirus?” And I was like “don’t have it but trying to be prepared.” He then stepped out of the elevator and said “dont bring that ch*nk virus here” as the elevator doors closed” / Twitter
  5. When Our U.S. History of Racism and Xenophobia Repeats Itself
  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter: “Last night on a tip-off call I headed to LaGuardia airport & intercepted @ICEgov transporting several children to NYC, an outbreak hub, via commercial air. If the Pentagon has halted all domestic travel for military, why is ICE transporting unaccompanied children in a pandemic?” / Twitter
  7. New report suggests additional burial grounds of enslaved people likely exist on proposed plastics plant site | Center for Constitutional Rights
  8. Dara Does Deep State on Twitter: “Holy fuck. Rand Paul just called immigrants without social security numbers “non-people” on the floor of the Senate. Our Senate. Holy fuck. I can’t. Omg.” / Twitter
  9. RAICES on Twitter: “A father died by suicide today at the Karnes detention center today. We are in shock & deeply disturbed by this devastating news. Story details below but please join us to demand @ICEgov release immigrants from detention IMMEDIATELY before the virus gets in.” / Twitter
  10. Joe Rivano Barros on Twitter: “ICE arrested a 56-year-old man in LA at 6am in the morning yesterday he was going to work & a *grocery store* to buy food amidst all the panic buying “I’m the head of the house,” Castillo said, growing teary eyed. “If they have me here locked up, what about rent and food?”
  11. Asian-American Leaders Condemn COVID-19 Racism | Colorlines

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