This Week in White Supremacy, Week #118: White supremacists discussed using coronavirus as a bioweapon

Yahoo News – White supremacists discussed plans to weaponize coronavirus via “saliva,” a “spray bottle” or “laced items,” according to a weekly intelligence brief distributed by a federal law enforcement division on Feb. 17.


  • Janai Nelson on Twitter: “Today, March 20, 2020, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund turns 80 years old. Founded in 1940 by a group of courageous & visionary Black lawyers, incl’g #ThurgoodMarshall, @NAACP_LDF sought to transform a country rife w/ racism & racial inequity w/out a blueprint or roadmap. #LDF80 1/5
  • Tyrone McKinley Freeman on Twitter: “Excited to announce, “Madam C. J. Walker’s Gospel of Giving: Black Women’s Philanthropy during Jim Crow” is available for pre-order. It focuses on black women’s generosity and establishes Walker as a foremother of African American philanthropy.
  • Coronavirus Pandemic and Black People: An Action Plan to Protect Our Community | BET


  1. The Root on Twitter: “Hand sanitizer, face masks, and toilet paper are all in high demand due to #COVID19. Unfortunately, racism is one thing there’s too much of—especially considering how some folks talk about the #coronavirus pandemic. We’re looking at you, Trump”
  2. Clint Smith on Twitter: “If these GOP Senators were Black mayors they would have been forced to resign before the day was over.
  3. Graham Lee Brewer on Twitter: “The Cherokee Nation just confirmed that the first coronavirus death in Oklahoma was a CN citizen.” / Twitter
  4. Soleil Ho on Twitter: “they’re closing the U.S.-Mexico border and I don’t know when I’m ever going to see my mom again.” / Twitter
  5. Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: ““You came up with new rules at the beginning of the meeting and then you didn’t even want to follow the rules you came up with” is the white supremacist system in a nutshell
  6. Scott Hechinger on Twitter: “Can’t sleep. People do not appreciate the mass death we’ll see in US jails, prisons, & detention centers unless we mass release people. 2.3 million incarcerated. Hundreds of thousands officers. No ability to distance. Bad med care. 95% return home at some point anyway. Start now.” / Twitter
  7. Jared Odessky on Twitter: “Harvard is laying off nearly all dining workers. While the univ. has agreed to provide 30 days’ pay for the directly hired dining workers who work at the College, they are refusing to provide this pay for the subcontracted dining workers at @Harvard_Law
  8. Tribes take measures to slow spread of new coronavirus – ABC News
  9. Rebecca Nagle on Twitter: “Just saw an article listing places that have issued “stay at home” orders that was so detailed it included specific counties, but didn’t include Navajo Nation which is larger than the state of West Virginia.” / Twitter
  10. Coronavirus: Doctors Say Black Americans Might Not Be Getting Tests
  11. Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear for Their Safety – The New York Times
  12. Jeff Yang on Twitter: “So I had my first “breathing while Asian” moment. Went out for groceries and an older masked white woman passing by the line shouted “FUCK YOU!” at me for no apparent reason. As I stared at her, she pulled off her mask, coughed directly at me, turned on her heel and walked off.” / Twitter
  13. The rich are fleeing from coronavirus into lavish bunkers – Los Angeles Times
  14. Brooklyn principal dies from coronavirus complications
  15. josie duffy rice on Twitter: “Today has made it very clear how many people would have absolutely justified slavery because “the economy”” / Twitter
  16. Scott Hechinger on Twitter: “PLEASE READ: Conditions on Rikers are unimaginably bad. My colleague has spoken to a few people trapped inside. What they told her is horrifying. Unless @NYGovCuomo, @NYCMayor, & all DAs do something ASAP, we’re looking at mass death. What they’re reporting:” / Twitter
  17. Kenneth A. Polite on Twitter: “More positive coronavirus cases for New Orleans jail staff as inmates await results
  18. Zororo Makamba, prominent 30-year-old Zimbabwe broadcaster dies of coronavirus – CNN
  19. Jasmine Guillory on Twitter: “It took three hospital visits for her to get tested; they didn’t believe her that she was sick. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, Black women aren’t believed. Now she’s fighting for her life. Heartbreaking.
  20. Ring the Alarm: COVID-19 Presents Grave Danger to Communities of Color | Colorlines
  21. Right Wing Watch on Twitter: “Rick Wiles says that God is spreading the coronavirus in synagogues because he is “dealing with those who oppose his son, Jesus Christ.”
  22. What It’s Like To Not Have Running Water During A Pandemic | HuffPost

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