This Week in White Supremacy #119: California’s health directors say they have zero data on POC who are infected with or dying from COVID-19

Colorlines – Black and Brown people in large cities are being hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis—WBEZ in Chicago confirmed that as of March 4, 70 percent of Cook County’s deaths were Black; in cities like New Orleans, Detroit and Milwaukee, Black people are dying at astronomical rates—and Los Angeles’ public health director Barbara Ferrer told the Los Angeles Times on April 6 that she’s worried because many providers aren’t reporting patients’ races or ethnicities, including those who are hospitalized.


  • Black Twitter Cheers Reporter Yamiche Alcindor Standing Up To Trump’s ‘You People’ Comment | BET
  • The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS) stand firmly against President Trump’s unacceptable treatment of PBS Newshour’s White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor.
  • Court Reverses Dismissal of Mississippi Lawsuit Over Racial Disparities in Schools


  1. A Brief History of White People Blaming Everyone Else
  2. Elizabeth Thomas on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: Louisiana just released COVID-19 data which shows that African-Americans account for 70% of ALL DEATHS in the state. African-Americans makes up roughly 32% of the population. #COVID19” / Twitter
  3. michaelharriot on Twitter: “It’s irresponsible to write “Coronavirus is killing black people” without explaining why. And we know why: Poverty, medical redlining, doctor bias, profiteering… It’s like reporting: “For some reason, Black people keep dying when the cops show up” YOU. HAVE. TO. SAY. WHY.” / Twitter
  4. W. Kamau Bell on Twitter: “Trump said he is gonna have statistics in 2 to 3 days on why #COVID19 is hitting the Black community harder than others. I think we can save him time. Can somebody just quickly catch him up on everything from slavery through the elections in Wisconsin today? Thanks!” / Twitter
  5. Virus Is Twice as Deadly for Black and Latino People Than Whites in N.Y.C. – The New York Times
  6. Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader, dies at 98 – CNN
  7. [thread] Eddie S. Glaude Jr. on Twitter: “Just thinking about the 3.3 million people who filed for unemployment insurance and all the others who have lost their jobs. Because we tether health insurance to employment, these people will now face a pandemic without health benefits. 1/” / Twitter
  8. the Malarker on Twitter: “Weird how a neo-Nazi tried to blow up a hospital filled with Coronavirus patients like 48 hours ago and ended up dying after being injured when the FBI arrested him and it barely scratched the surface of the news” / Twitter
  9. rafael on Twitter: “That little red blob with no name part of the area with highest corona cases in the city? Riker’s Island jail #FreeThemAll” / Twitter
  10. ndnviewpoint on Twitter: “BREAKING: The Bureau of Indian Affairs today told the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe that the Secretary of the Interior has ordered that their reservation be disestablished and their land be taken out of trust.” / Twitter
  11. Maya Wiley on Twitter: “#Trump has an enduring problem with smart women, especially when they have been kissed by the sun. Envy no doubt.
  12. Judge Urges Release of Migrant Children After 4 Test Positive for Coronavirus in Detention – The New York Times
  13. Jamil Smith on Twitter: “In Midland, Texas, a man stabbed three Asian American family members, including a 2-year-old and 6-year-old. Per @FBI, “the suspect indicated that he stabbed the family because he thought the family was Chinese, and infecting people with the coronavirus.”
  14. LGBTQ Hate Groups on the Rise
  15. jade bentil on Twitter: “The first person in Britain to be arrested and convicted under the Coronavirus Act is a Black woman. Arrested and fined for ‘failing to provide identity or reasons for travel to police, and failing to comply with requirements’. Britain 2020.” / Twitter
  16. Rim-Sarah Alouane on Twitter: “This is horrific. Two French doctors on live television are discussing how a potential new treatment against #covid19 should be first tested in Africa, “where are no masks, no treatment, no reanimation”, “the same way experimental treatment for AIDS was done on prostitutes”.

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