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After hosting our Voter Protection and Mobilization Summit at the beginning of this month, EJS is proud to continue the conversation with a curated bi-monthly newsletter.

Here’s the election and voter protection news that has been front and center for us:

  • WI 2020 Primary Election | NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • Wertheimer’s Political Report: Protect the Vote:
  • Dave Weigel on Twitter: “One short-term impact of the liberal’s court win in Wisconsin will be on the fight over a purge of 200k voters. Court had been split 3-3 with a conservative joining the 2 liberals and Kelly abstaining due to this election. So there’s now a 4-3 majority against the purge.” / Twitter
  • How right-wing groups use old law and imperfect data to purge voters from statewide rolls –
  • Expert: Georgia election server showed signs of tampering – News – The Augusta Chronicle – Augusta, GA
  • Joe Bruno on Twitter: “@MarilynRMarks1 @wsoctv @OnTheFrogSide @PatCothamMeck Meck County set aside $9 million for the equipment but the cost is being estimated to reach $10-11 million. Hard figure to come later. Story at 10&11 #MeckBOCC @wsoctv” / Twitter
  • Ignoring Warning Signs: Officials Approve Vulnerable Voting Machines – WhoWhatWhy
  • DMercer on Twitter: “@JoyceWhiteVance Same in Wisconsin. My sister has lived in the same house for more than 30 years and voted in every election and just found yesterday that she had been purged. This is very sinister.” / Twitter
  • Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Remember 4th Circuit ruling that NC photo ID law “targeted African-American voters w/almost surgical precision?” NC legislature came back w/vengeance & enacted new version just as discriminatory. A federal judge blocked it today. We are fighting the battles we thought we won.” / Twitter
  • There are stark racial disparities in voting times. Here’s how to fix them. – The Washington Post
  • Congress must ensure every eligible American can access the ballot box | TheHill
  • Preparing for Cyberattacks and Technical Failures: A Guide for Election Officials | Brennan Center for Justice
  • Eugene Scott on Twitter: “One of President Donald Trump’s top re-election advisers told influential Republicans in swing state Wisconsin that the party has “traditionally” relied on voter suppression to compete in battleground states.” / Twitter
  • Trump adviser: Expect more aggressive poll watching in 2020
  • NBC News on Twitter: “Trump re-election adviser told Wisconsin Republicans the party “traditionally” relied on voter suppression to compete in battleground states but will be able to “start playing offense” due to relaxed Election Day rules, according to audio obtained by AP.” / Twitter

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