This Week in White Supremacy #120: ‘Trump has effectively abolished asylum thanks to COVID-19’

Bill Ong Hing, Salon: President Trump has taken advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to finally achieve his goal of foreclosing asylum for migrants fleeing violence in Central America and Mexico.”


  • Court Orders Every Effort Be Made to Promptly and Safely Release Immigrant Children – National Center for Youth Law
  • Sen. Kamala Harris: We Can’t Let Up The Fight To End The Black Maternal Health Crisis, Especially Right Now
  • Bijan C. Bayne on Twitter: “60 years ago today at Shaw University in Raleigh, Ella Baker led a conference that resulted in the creation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Three years earlier, Baker suggested Rev. Dr. ML King, Jr. form the SCLC.” / Twitter
  • On behalf of the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP and several North Carolina voters, Free Speech For People has filed a lawsuit in North Carolina state court challenging the new electronic voting system that Mecklenburg County and several other North Carolina counties rushed to implement for the 2020 elections.
  • Land O’Lakes Removing Native American Woman From Packaging After 92 Years | HuffPost


  1. Coronavirus: Amid outbreak, Trump administration has expelled 10,000 migrants at the border – The Washington Post
  2. Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “Why has 70 year-old former #Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh been assigned to serve her prison term in a federal prison in Alabama?” / Twitter
  3. Edward-Isaac Dovere on Twitter: “Latest Trump ad features a montage of Biden meeting with Chinese officials. Amid that montage at the :39 mark: a clip of him with Gary Locke, the former governor of Washington/Commerce secretary/ambassador to China, who is Asian-American, but… American
  4. ACLU Calls For Investigation Into Pregnant Woman Who Gave Birth In Border Patrol Station
  5. Tracey on Twitter: “Before people realized Black people were suffering from COVID-19 at high rates, the conversation was about testing and care. Now that we’re learning how many victims are Black, it’s about personal responsibility. This train is never late.
  6. Rashad Robinson on Twitter: “Another day, another tech company whose failure to implement clear anti-racist policies has created a platform for white supremacy. Why is @Amazon turning a blind eye to the white nationalists using their publishing tools?
  7. An Asian-American Doctor on Challenges of Fighting COVID-19 | TIME
  8. Phillip Atiba Goff on Twitter: “There needed to be a federal consent decree for one party not to hire armed guards to intimidate voters. That federal agreement expired. SO NOW THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN! Please. At least try to make it less obvious?
  9. Langley Park’s undocumented immigrants face coronavirus without help – The Washington Post
  10. Kristen Clarke 866-OUR-VOTE on Twitter: “6 white men and 1 white woman will make critical decision on when to reopen the country. African Americans are disproportionately dying.
  11. silverprincess on Twitter: “Dr. Armen Henderson was handcuffed and detained outside of his home while getting ready to go and test the homeless. He said he could have been shot or something brutal happen. His wife saved him by bringing out his ID from this wannabe tough cop.
  12. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Same Treasury Department which removed Harriet Tubman from $20 bill. Fitting bookends of Trump presidency. => Michiko Kakutani on Twitter: “In unprecedented move, Treasury orders Trump’s name printed on stimulus checks

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