This Week in White Supremacy #126: Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin charged with murder in George Floyd case

NBC News – The former Minneapolis police officer shown on video putting his knee on the neck of George Floyd was arrested on Friday, authorities said. Derek Chauvin, who was fired on Tuesday along with three other officers involved in the detainment of Floyd, was taken into custody Friday and faces charges of 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced. Floyd pleaded “I can’t breathe,” as Chauvin, who is white, kneeled on Floyd’s neck for around eight minutes on Monday night, in an arrest that was videotaped by bystanders. The police department initially said Floyd, who was black, “physically resisted” the officers and that he died after “suffering medical distress.” Freeman said he anticipated more charges to come, possibly against some of the other three officers.

CNN team arrested by Minnesota police on live television

CNN journalist Omar Jimenez has been taken into police custody during a live broadcast at the site of the protests in Minneapolis, after clearly identifying himself to officers. Jimenez’s crew, including a producer and a camera operator, were also placed in handcuffs. The CNN camera was also taken into custody and continued to record as the crew was handcuffed, with police seemingly unaware that the camera was still on.



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  2. Julia Ioffe on Twitter: “When the President of the United States praises “bloodlines” on national TV, I feel the same kind of existential dread and fatigue, the same kind of chest pain as I do when I read accounts of the Holocaust (of which I’ve been doing a lot for my book). It’s…awful.” / Twitter
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  7. chris evans on Twitter: “Christian Cooper, whom Amy Cooper tried to get killed by the police, is a Harvard graduate, a former Marvel Comics editor and now the senior biomedical editor at Health Science Communications I need the “progressive” left to stop pretending income equality will solve racism.
  8. Andrea Junker on Twitter: “It is so lucky for #AmyCooper that she is just a white woman willing to get a black man killed while brutally abusing her dog, and not, say, a black woman unknowingly voting illegally, because there are serious consequences for that.” / Twitter
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