This Week in White Supremacy #136: ‘Brace yourselves for the new levels of open misogynoir’

Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “Brace yourselves for the new levels of open misogynoir that will be unlocked if/when Biden names a BW as VP. Folks who’ve been doing their best to pretend they were ok with a Black family in the WH ‘08-‘16 won’t be able to hold it together. We’re already seeing it now.” / Twitter


  • BLACK IS KING OUT NOW | Fan account on Twitter: “Ms Tina has revealed that Beyoncé decided to make #BlackIsKing when she heard the story of Solomon Linda, the S. African composer of Lion Sleeps Tonight who received no credit from Disney. She decided to fix that injustice and show the beauty of Africa from the eyes of Africans.” / Twitter
  • Virtual book club discusses dismantling white supremacy | Local News |
  • John Oliver slams ‘white supremacist history of America’ taught in schools |


  1. ICE is Picking Up People in Sonoma County – Kelly Dermody at Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, one of our EJS board members sent out this alert: “The woman is 60 years old and worked for Sonoma County for 20 years on a legal green card, which apparently expired. She has health issues. She got picked up this afternoon at the Glen Ellen post office, and taken into ICE custody in SF. She is a mother and grandmother, with grieving family desperately trying to save her. The family is told they plan to deport her to Tijuana tomorrow morning. We have activated various legal networks on her behalf, but more importantly, people should know that they should not assume that it is safe in Sonoma County for undocumented or perceived to be undocumented residents.” After Kelly sent her initial email, she reported: “Thank god for the rapid response network. She is now being released.”
  2. Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’ – The New York Times
  3. CNN Politics on Twitter: “The Trump administration is dramatically increasing fees for dozens of immigration and work applications. The cost of online naturalization applications has increased from $640 to $1,160” / Twitter
  4. Citing COVID-19 risks, federal agents are expelling child asylum seekers | The Texas Tribune
  5. SassyMétisChick on Twitter: “BREAKING: Update on racist white woman who was screaming at landscapers in Orlando, FL ***Arrested***
  6. Outrage After Police Force Black Woman And Crying Children To Ground At Gunpoint In Mistaken Stolen Car Investigation | BET
  7. UCLA football players demand coronavirus protection – Los Angeles Times

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