This Week in White Supremacy #137: More details of George Floyd’s death revealed in police body camera footage

The Washington Post: More details of George Floyd’s death revealed in police body camera footage – Newly released video of George Floyd’s fatal interaction with Minneapolis police shows that medical personnel waited nearly three minutes to perform chest compressions in an attempt to revive the handcuffed man who had been pinned down on a Minneapolis street until he lost consciousness in May.

The two approximately 30-minute clips present an even more desperate scene than previously depicted in bystander and surveillance video of the deadly Memorial Day encounter, which has fueled widespread protests calling for police reform and transformed national conversations around race, social justice and police brutality.


  • African American Policy Forum on Twitter: “Diane Nash, a leader of Nashville’s civil rights movement and a co-founder of SNCC, also played a key role in organizing the Selma to Montgomery marches that led President Johnson to publicly declare his support for voting rights for all Americans, regardless of race.” / Twitter
  • Michael Locksley wants to fix systemic racism in football coaching – The Washington Post
  • Women Of Color Are Running For Congress At An All-Time High
  • West Sacramento farm grows with eye on social justice | The Sacramento Bee


  1. Kathleen Antonia on Facebook: I wonder when Facebook is going to notice its latest “thumbs up” backgrounds contain the White Power symbol? #FBhate
  2. Inmate dies of COVID-19, family not notified, wants answers |
  3. ‘Two Sides Of The Same Coin’: Addressing The Link Between Racism And Homelessness : NPR
  4. Veterans Affairs workers see racism against colleagues and patients, union survey finds – The Washington Post
  5. Benjamin Thomas, 16, Alexandria’s second documented lynching victim, remembered – The Washington Post
  6. Public Official In Michigan Said N-Word in Public Meeting
  7. Study: Parks in Non-White Neighborhoods Are Half As Large and 5x As Crowded – Streetsblog USA

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