This Week in White Supremacy #139: What Dr. King Said at the March on Washington About Police Brutality

TIME – The mass protest that brought Martin Luther King Jr. and some 250,000 others to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28, 1963, was officially known as the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. But within the call for freedom lay many more specific demands, one of which was articulated by Martin Luther King Jr. as part of his “I Have a Dream” speech: “We can never be satisfied,” he said, “as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality.”

More than half a century later, it’s clear that satisfaction remains out of reach. For a year when the death of George Floyd catalyzed worldwide Black Lives Matter protests—and a month when the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis., reignited calls for justice—Martin Luther King III and Rev. Al Sharpton have organized a March on Washington “in protest of police brutality,” set to take place Friday. Dubbed the “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” it will feature families of victims of brutality and call for “police accountability and criminal justice reform.”



  1. Officer who shot Jacob Blake identified as Rusten Sheskey – CBS News
  2. Justice Department to Investigate Jacob Blake Shooting – The New York Times
  3. Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: “I’m just gonna drop this video right here for @megynkelly and all the other white racists out here justifying @KenoshaPolice shooting #JacobBlake in the back 7 times because police allegedly found a knife under the floorboard in his car. #Kenosha #KenoshaShooting
  4. Fifty Shades of Whey on Twitter: “WARNING GRAPHIC  Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shoot an unarmed man in the back” / Twitter
  5. Officers Involved In Notorious Wrongful Conviction Aren’t On Prosecutor’s Do-Not-Call List – The Appeal
  6. Portland police allow Proud Boys and antifascists to spar with guns in the crowd – The Washington Post
  7. N.F.L. Concussion Settlement Payouts Show Racial Bias, Black Players Say – The New York Times

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