This Week in White Supremacy #147: ‘How Proposition 16 Could Help Enable Equal Opportunity for All’

By LaNae Norwood on Blavity News – Now is the time for voters to not only accept the ugly truth of America’s past, but to also take action to dismantle racism. There are systemic barriers holding us back as a nation, including states that continue to enforce bans on Affirmative Action. These bans further perpetuate systemic racism and formalize discrimination against women, Black, Latino and Asian people, all of whom have endured injustice in this country for far too long.

Nine states currently ban Affirmative Action although it’s a legislative solution that helps everybody. California has a chance to level the playing field for women and Black, Indigenous and people of color by passing Proposition 16 on the ballot this election year. If passed, Proposition 16 would end California’s ban on Affirmative Action and enable equal opportunity for all.

As a Black mother myself, I feel it is essential to support the rising generation by helping to put Affirmative Action back on the table in my state of California. Discrimination and anti-Black racism are on broad display in our everyday lives, but especially in the workplace and in our children’s schools. (read more)

Help us get Prop. 16 across the finish line! Visit to participate in our GOTV efforts!


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  • California Governor Gavin Newson submitted an amicus brief in California v. McDaniel to focus the Court’s attention on the historical and present day relationship between racism and California’s capital punishment system as it pertains to the “inviolate” right to trial by jury. The Newsom brief also supports Mr. McDaniel’s position that unanimity and proof beyond a reasonable doubt are fundamentally intertwined elements of the state’s jury right incorporated by section 1042 of the Penal Code and article I, section 16 of the California Constitution.


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