Yes on Prop 16 Campaign Issues Statement on Projected Election Outcome

The following is a statement from the Yes on Proposition 16 campaign in reaction to the projected election outcome.

“At the Opportunity for All/Yes on Prop 16 committee, we fought for every vote, and we value the imperative of every vote being counted. We owe that to our democracy here in California, and across the nation.

Today we recognize what a privilege it has been to help lead the incredible coalition that came together to promote racial justice and gender equity.

In the midst of a pandemic, economic recession, and all-consuming presidential election, an amazing team of elected officials, organized labor leaders, civil rights groups, artists, educators, activists, students, and business associations came together to fight for California to become a champion of equity and opportunity.

We are grateful to all of them. We know of no other campaign in California’s recent history that has galvanized such a diverse alliance of people of all backgrounds.

Ultimately, regardless of the vote tally on Prop 16, that is how we will need to move forward. California must be a leader in rooting out the laws and systems that continue to create barriers to advancement of all people of all races, ethnicities, and genders. We see from election results here and elsewhere, that there is work to enlist more champions in the fight against structural racism and gender discrimination.

All of us at Yes on Prop 16 are committed to that work, and we will move forward together.”

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