This Week in White Supremacy #150: Final Edition

White Supremacy. A decade ago, civil rights activists felt that using this term to talk about racists and racism was too inflammatory. Then the brilliant legal scholar Professor Charles Lawrence used the word in a speech or an article and I started thinking that I could and would use the term.

On June 16, 2015—my birthday—Trump glided down that golden escalator and used a venomous and disgusting smear of Mexican Americans in announcing his candidacy. The very next day the little demon Dylann Roof went into Mother Emanuel Church with the dear Christians who welcomed him in prayer and massacred them.

Later that year, anti-Semites announced that their intent to march on San Francisco. The Board of the Equal Justice Society directed the staff to speak up clearly and loudly against this evil that was taking root in our country. A couple of years later—those of you who know me know that I am a joker—I thought of a weekly column called “This Week in White Supremacy.” It seemed like a smart-ass title but it felt right. Now, like something out of Grimm’s fairy tales, the defeat of the ogre and his minions who have been terrorizing the good people of a village means that we can breathe a little easier.

This will be the last edition of This Week in White Supremacy, at least in this format. The end of the TWIWS newsletter does not mean we see the decline of white supremacy on the horizon. The Equal Justice Society remains passionately committed to fighting white supremacy and calling out racism, even when it’s coming from our allies.

In 2021, we will be exploring other ways to shine a bright light on white supremacy. Your feedback on TWIWS will help us in this effort. At our Board meeting, it was suggested that perhaps we use this weekly newsletter to highlight how we might make our country sane again. We might start with pushing the Congress to pass a stimulus plan. Our fellow Americans are hungry, out of work, and facing evictions at the time of the year when home and family are dear to us all.

TWIWS started with a desire to call out white supremacy wherever we saw it. I read a tweet saying that if you wanted to know what you would have done in the early days of Nazi Germany, then look at what you’re doing now. It was also inspired by suggestions from my friends Susan Baronoff and Virg Dzurinko. 

In February 2018, Otis R. Taylor Jr. at the San Francisco Chronicle covered TWIWS in an article “This Week in White Supremacy tracks battle for racial justice.” TWIWS has “become a weekly reminder of the racism that exists in this country – and that has been exacerbated by the current president of the United States,” wrote Otis.

When we started TWIWS in the fall of 2017, the white supremacist march in Charlottesville was still fresh in our consciousness, Trump ordered an end to DACA, and Hurricane Maria was weeks away from devastating Puerto Rico (although we did not know it at the time).

We produced 150 editions of TWIWS. Thank you to Melissa Male, Meher Dhaliwal, and Keith Kamisugi for their help putting this together every week. 

We know too well that evicting Trump from the White House won’t be the end of white supremacy. The fight will go on. And EJS will remain that fight.

Thank you for reading TWIWS. Season’s Greetings my friends and allies.

~ Eva



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  1. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “What is #VoterSuppression? It’s when you designate a single day of early voting for District 1 in Camden County, Georgia where many Black people live while other districts get an entire week of early voting each. Watching you @CamdenCountyGA” / Twitter
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