Eva Paterson in Leah Garchik’s ‘Inaugural Snapshots’

San Francisco columnist Leah Garchik shares ‘Inaugural snapshots seen through Bay Area eyes‘ in her column today: In line for a cab at Reagan National Airport, Eva Paterson of the Equal Justice Society chatted with a young man in the Air Force. As of midnight, he would be “detailed to the Secret Service, assigned toContinue reading “Eva Paterson in Leah Garchik’s ‘Inaugural Snapshots’”

HuffPo: The One Big Thing Bush Did Right

Robert Creamer, writing today on the Huffington Post, gives Bush credit for doing one thing right. History will record that George W. Bush made one critically important contribution to our country — and to the entire world, writes Creamer. He and his administration provided unquestionable proof of the bankruptcy of radical-conservative ideology, and set theContinue reading “HuffPo: The One Big Thing Bush Did Right”

Looking Towards the New Year with Gratitude for 2008

A note from our president, Eva Paterson: Obama!!!! 2008 was quite a year, to put it mildly. We feel like characters in a fairy tale who lived in a peaceful kingdom that was taken over by monsters and mad men. And now they are finally packing up to leave us in peace! The election ofContinue reading “Looking Towards the New Year with Gratitude for 2008”