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Eva Paterson, Dorothy Cotton, Clayborne Carson on The March

EJS President Eva Paterson joined Dr. Dorothy Cotton, Prof. Clayborne Carson, and host Rose Aguilar on KALW’s “Your Call” radio show on August 13, 2013, to share perspectives on the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. What did “Jobs and Freedom” mean then – and what do they mean today? Dr. Dorothy Cotton is a […]
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Commentary by EJS’ Eva Paterson and Reggie Shuford in New America Media

The following op-ed by EJS President, Eva Paterson, and Director of Law and Policy, Reggie Shuford, appeared yesterday in New America Media. A recent decision handed down by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals raises this important question: Can victims of contemporary forms of discrimination and disparity find justice in our courts? The court […]
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Sara Jackson in Story on UC Tuition Hike Impact on Diversity

With more drastic tuition hikes on the horizon, some students of color fear their communities will be hardest hit. story by Lindsey Freeland includes interview with Equal Justice Society staff attorney Sara Jackson.

Take Action: National Geographic Show Fosters Hatred and Violence Towards Immigrants

Formerly neutral world news organization National Geographic, with corporate cosponsor CSX, launched a new cable television show entitled “Border Wars”, detailing daily border agent battles with drug smugglers, human traffickers, and undocumented immigrants. The promotions for this new show, as well as the show itself, have managed to recklessly imply that the U.S. and Mexico […]
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Latinos Missing from NY Times Recollection of 2009 Passings

Our friend and ally Tom Saenz, President and General Counsel of MALDEF, has brought to our attention the issue addressed in the article that follows. After seeing the new Star Trek movie, he pointed out that there are apparently no Latinos in the future. There were no Latino characters on the starship Enterprise. The following […]
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