This Week in White Supremacy: Week 7

  1. Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends.
  2. The health crisis of Latinas and Black women.
  3. A Black working class man would have to call 80 therapists to get an appointment.  A middle class white woman, only 5.
  4. What is wrong with this picture? Meet the moguls-in-the-making as THR unveils its 24th annual list of the 35 execs who will soon run the industry.
  5. A noose was found at the Joint School of Nanonscience and Nanoengineering at UNC-Greensboro.
  6. Ramsey Orta says prison guards beat him for Eric Garner video.
  7. Racial animus fuels some support for Trumpism. There are astounding quotes from the residents of Johnstown, PA – “Trump’s probably the most diligent, hardest-working president we’ve ever had in our lifetimes.  It’s not like he sleeps in till noon and goes golfing every weekend, like the last president did.”(!)  One woman told her husband that people at her church feel that Obama is the antichrist. Another man interviewed about his antipathy to NFL players kneeling reluctantly admitted that in his opinion, NFL stands for “Niggers For Life.”  Lord have mercy.
  8. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly asked the head of DHS to expel tens of thousands of Hondurans living in the US under protected status.
  9. The Struggle of Black Veterans and The Tragic, Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans
  10. Marine drill instructor gets 10 years in prison for hazing Muslims and other recruits.
  11. LA Police Caught on Body Cam Planting Drugs in Black Suspect’s Wallet.
  12. We’re Sick of Racism, Literally.
  13. Native Americans: The forgotten minority in police shootings.
  14. 60,000 racists rally in Poland.

And now, for some GOOD NEWS from our friend Mona Tawatao:

Doctors unite to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico. Across the United States mainland, an agile, jury-rigged network of doctors has scrambled to deliver aid to their counterparts in Puerto Rico. Read the full story.

good news

And, even more good news from Susie Tompkins Buell:


  • Senator Dianne Feinstein, along with a group of Democratic Senators, introduced the Assault Weapons Ban of 2017, the bill would “ban the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.”
  • Senators Jeff Flake (R) and Martin Heinrich (D) are working on closing a loophole that gave a convicted domestic abuser access to the assault rifle that was used in Sunday’s mass shooting.
  • In response to the Air Force’s failure to upload the Texas’ shooter’s conviction to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (which could have prevented him from buying a gun), Texas senator John Cornyn is planning on introducing a bill that would “ensure that all federal departments and agencies, including the Department of Defense, upload the required conviction records.”
  • A $400 million plan has been approved to slow the shrinking of California’s Salton Sea lake.
  • On Thursday, a huge crowd of high school and college students filled four floors of the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in a protest to demand Congress pass a clean Dream Act.
  • The Vera Institute of Justice launched the Safety and Fairness for Everyone (SAFE) Cities Network — “a multi-jurisdiction network dedicated to providing publicly-funded representation for people facing deportation.” 11 jurisdictions have joined the network, including Oakland/Alameda County, Sacramento, and Santa Ana.
  • One year after the 2016 election, #ThankYouHillary was trending on Twitter with messages of gratitude and love for popular vote winner Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Nasty Women Serve declared November 8th the Hillary Rodham Clinton Day of Service. Check out their website for ways to make America kind again.
  • Women are turning their anger into action — “Feminism is the collective manifestation of female anger…they suppress our anger for a reason. Let’s prove them right.
  • After ending birth control coverage for employees and students, the University of Notre Dame has reversed its decision and states that health plans will continue to cover contraceptives.
  • This past Sunday, Shalane Flanagan became the first American woman to win the New York City Marathon in 40 years.
  • Denver voters passed a green roof initiative that will mandate either solar panels or gardens on top of every new large building.
  • A new planting technique is being used to reforest the Brazilian Amazon – if successful, the project could become the largest tropical reforestation project in history.
  • Former “warrior” for climate skepticism Jerry Taylor became a climate change advocate after finding climate-denial research to be inaccurate and inconsistent.
  • Two children, along with the Clean Air Council, are suing tRUMP, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.
  • “ACA open enrollment sign-ups are up 179 percent compared to the equivalent period last year.”
  • Looking on the bright side — Mother Jones published a list of ten great things tRUMP has given America in the last year.
  • Barbara Simons has long been leading the charge to protect voter integrity by warning everyone of the dangers of electronic voting systems — she’s now, finally, being heard.
  • Mike Lux and Adam Parkhomenko — former aides to Bill and Hillary Clinton — are launching Party Majority, a new Democratic super PAC focused on upgrading organizing and fundraising for the party.
  • Laura Olin created the children’s book Our President Was Called Barack to remind kids that we once had a kind, compassionate leader.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda is bringing Hamilton to Puerto Rico and reprising his performance as the founding father.

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